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Gun Grabber Yee Pleads Guilty to Gun Running

This should have been news noised throughout the country. Once again, another California Democratic lawmaker pleads guilty to corruption and racketeering, and the mainstream media try to drown and hide the information. But a Republicans protects life or gets a parking ticket, and the reading public gets submerged in non-stop anti-conservative press. The Los Angeles Times reported:

Ex-state Sen. Leland Yee pleads guilty to racketeering in corruption case

Former state Sen. Leland Yee pleads guilty to one count in corruption case.

Only one? I wonder how many other corrupt officials Yee rolled over to get that one plea.
Former state Sen. Leland Yee entered a packed federal courtroom here Wednesday looking relaxed. Unable to find a seat, he squeezed in next to reporters who had once covered the child psychologist’s legislative work as an advocate for youth and the mentally ill, and were now here to watch him plead guilty in a sweeping public corruption case.

Yee was allowed to work with children? This legal saga gets sicker and sicker the more that Californians learn about it.

He shook hands and chatted genially. Then, after taking an oath before U.S. District Judge Charles R. Breyer, the San Francisco Democrat admitted to racketeering, concluding an unruly case, involving public corruption, promises of gun-running and more, that shook Sacramento.

Nothing has been concluded. There is still a culture (or a cult) of corruption in Sacramento.

And the statement from this man proves why:

“Today’s news turns the page on one of the darker chapters of the Senate’s history,” Senate President Pro Tem Kevin de León (D-Los Angeles) said in a statement.
 The "dark chapters" are getting turned and revealed in greater number. Carol Liu of the Pasadena area had her office ransacked by the FBI. Richard Pan will be facing a recall over forcing kids to get vaccinations. The corruption of Sacramento knows no bounds.

The pleas entered Wednesday by Yee; his political fundraiser and consultant Keith Jackson; Jackson’s son, Brandon Jackson; and sports promoter Marlon Sullivan bring an end to one of two cases connected to a massive federal probe that initially targeted a Chinatown figure known as “Shrimp Boy,” now accused of organized crime activities.
The case, with 29 defendants lumped into a single indictment (one had since died) and eventually split into two cases, has produced 9 million pages of documents and countless hours of audio recordings, defense attorneys said.

While the California Democratic Party claims that they want to protect the environment, they keep committing all of these crimes, and the legal proceedings clog up the courts. And all of these trees getting cut down to record the criminal hearings. How many trees had to die to record the rampant litany of Yee's wrongdoings?

Prosecutors alleged that Yee can be heard in the recordings speaking bluntly about granting legislative favors in exchange for campaign contributions, first for his failed 2011 bid for San Francisco mayor and later for his aborted run for secretary of state.

The prosecutors "allege", as though Yee is some kind of victim connected with a federal fishing expedition? It is amazing to me the lengths that the liberal press will take to cover up the bad deeds of Democratic politicians.

“We gotta drag it out, man. We gotta juice this thing,” the indictment quoted Yee as telling an undercover agent who claimed to be connected to an NFL team that wanted to “help” Yee in exchange for his vote on a worker’s compensation bill affecting the athletes.

Known as a gun control advocate in the Legislature, Yee, 67, was also accused of offering — in exchange for campaign donations — to broker a major weapons sale between a gun dealer and an undercover agent claiming to be a member of the New Jersey mob.

Now then, anyone who claims that we have nothing to fear from the government about gun control should read then reread the above description of former state senator Leland Yee. He wanted to expand gun control and extend the limitations on legal acquisition of firearms.

Leland Yee at a press conference (Cs California)

Yee was a gun grabber all while working the backrooms as a gun runner for criminal syndicates and terrorist groups. Happiness is a warm gun, or a hot purchase on the black market?

“Do I think we can make some money? I think we can make some money,” the senator said, according to the complaint. “Do I think we can get the goods? I think we can get the goods.”
Yee, who spared himself a trial where those sealed recordings and others would have been publicly shared, received no assurance that his prison sentence, which Breyer is scheduled to hand down on Oct. 21, would fall below the 20-year maximum spelled out in federal guidelines.

Assistant U.S. Atty. Susan Badger told the court that Yee’s sentence could include $250,000 in fines. At least $33,000 in assets will be seized.

At least Yee will serve more time in jail than convicted felon Roderick Wright (who served a little over one hour in jail. That's right -- convicted felon Wright served the length of a Law and Order episode, then walked out.
 By pleading guilty to racketeering, Yee admitted that he “knowingly and intentionally agreed with another person” to take part in an enterprise, commit at least two offenses and affect state commerce.

This was not the first time that Yee was guilty of racketeering, based on this admission. The fact that he was "working" in the State legislature for so many years confirms that he had operated within a criminal enterprise and affect state commerce. Democrats in Sacramento do that all the time.

“Are you pleading guilty of your own free will because you are guilty?” Breyer asked him.
“I am,” Yee answered.

The former state senator pleads guilty of his own free will, even though he had tried to deny California residents by their own free will to own firearms. Shame on him.

Final Reflection

The LA Times article discussed how the case emerged last year, in March, and also reminded readers that senator Yee ended up getting 300,000 votes in last year's primary, despite the indictments against him.

"Low information" does not begin to describe the average voter in the state of California.

"Low regard" better describes the attitude of California Democratic lawmakers like Yee, who approach legislation from the perspective of "Laws for thee, but not for me".

No wonder concealed carry permits are flying out to California residents, too. With criminal records like the former state senators now ousted from office, and likely charges against state senate President Kevin De Leon, California residents will have more reasons to fear the rushed encroachment of the state into their daily lives.

Last of all, how come California readers still get so little information about the judicial process against rogue legislators like Yee? We had to listen for months about "Bridge-Gate" in New Jersey, as well as read about it ad infinitum. After numerous federal and media investigations, Republican Governor Chris Christie was absolved of any wrongdoing.

To this day, we still hear about the political retaliation along the George Washington Bridge, and the probable damage it has done to Christie's presidential ambitions.

Yet nothing about Yee.

This double-standard has to stop. It's time for reporters, activists, and concerned citizens in general to make sure that the general public learn and remember the disturbing crimes committed by elected officials, especially Democratic lawmakers who routinely live above the law and act outside of it, even after getting caught!

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