Thursday, July 23, 2015

Paul-Bart Fail: Eblast Boosting Rand

US Senator Rand Paul
I received this latest eblast from Breitbart, further affirming my concerns about this news site. I do not receive eblasts from any other candidate.

Why Rand Paul? Granted, at this time US Senator Paul is on my short list, for his accomplishments in the US Senate. He filibustered two bills, rallied major support for his efforts, and forced the Obama Administration to answer questions or let lapse a government spying program.

Here are the contents, with the comments in the email all in italics. My comments are in bold.

Breitbart Special MessageFellow Conservative:

I'm ready to play hardball.

On Fox News' On the Record, I announced I will introduce legislation to cut off ALL federal taxpayer funding for so-called "sanctuary cities" -- until they start abiding by federal law.

I believe that at this is a worth goal. However, Ron Johnson and Jeff Sessions have already introduced the law. In fact, Breitbart just reported on the Johnson-Sessions bill.

If you have my back in this critical fight, I need to know right away.

Will you please fill out your "Enforce Immigration Law" petition IMMEDIATELY?

Is Paul fighting for us or for his political chances?

For taking this stand, I know I'm going to be attacked like never before.

Actually, that is not true at all. Everyone who has learned about Katie Steinle's death in San Francisco, and more Americans of all stripes want an end to sanctuary city policies.

But I think it's high time someone did something!

Lots of people have been doing something about illegal immigration.  The only issue with Rand Paul is that he has been hesitant, then has stood on divergently opposed views on the matter.

The US Senator from Kentucky is not the only one who is fighting against illegal immigration.

The truth is, for years politicians in BOTH parties have promised you and me secure borders.

But all we have to show for those promises is sheer lawlessness.

This President has time and again sought to go around Congress with illegal and unconstitutional executive actions regarding immigration.

Absolutely. President Obama has overturned and ignored the law time and again. He is the greatest obstacle to secured borders and real immigration reform.

And now many American cities are following in lockstep in open defiance of federal law!
. . . . .

My bill would end all federal taxpayer funding for these cities until they start ENFORCING federal immigration law.

I know these cities will shriek and moan that there shouldn't be any strings attached to all of your tax dollars.

They'll say they're entitled to pick and choose what laws they recognize.

And you can bet our national media will be on their side, and come after me with everything they have.

But Fellow Conservative, it's time politicians cared more about keeping their promises to the American people than what our national media says.

If you agree, I need to hear from you right away.

Please sign your "Enforce Immigration Law" petition and agree to your most generous contribution of $20.16 IMMEDIATELY.

Chip in $10 immediately >>
Chip in $25 immediately >>
Chip in $50 immediately >>
Chip in $100 immediately >>
Or donate another amount >>

In Liberty,

Rand Paul

I am not sure what to think of any news site, whether liberal or conservative, promoting eblasts for candidates who in turn solicit donations for their campaigns.

Once again, Breitbart has turned into Paul-bart, and its integrity is suffering in the process.

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