Friday, July 17, 2015

Brown Allows Lawns to Go Brown

Governor Jerry Brown 2014.jpg
Gov. Brown (Climate Air Resources Board)
I applaud Governor Brown for signing another bill to prevent cities from imposing fines on individual homeowners who refusing to water their lawns during drought seasons. In other words, Brown has signed on allowing our green to go brown.

Unfortunately, these piecemeal reforms will not make the grass greener or the government leaner in California or Sacramento. When will Sacramento stop the drought of money, human capital, and taxpayer dollars in the state? To this day, small businesses, entrepreneurs, and investors find California’s business climate inhospitable, and the grass greener in other states.

When Democratic lawmakers cease prioritizing fish ahead of farmers and plants ahead of people, when Governor Brown gives up his plans for the billion dollar bullet train and invests in water storage and navigation systems, then he will have something to take pride in, having placed policies in the better interest of all Californians struggling to grow.

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