Saturday, December 29, 2012

We Are More Than Our Thoughts and Our Feelings

Man is more, much more than his thoughts and feelings.

Much more.

Yet we live in a world now more than ever, which teaches us to honor our feelings and reflect on our thinking as a sure and final arbiter for life.

This awful trend has distracted us from the "Awesome" of this world, this universe, and the Eternal Providence which outlines, defines, and confines this wonder.

The disrespect for man's fallen nature, the lack of grace toward our fallen man, the growing trends of rule and regulations to instruct men and women on the unspoken courtesies fall into place because the modern impulse has deluded us into believing that we know more than our elders.

Our previous forebearers had many things which they needed to learn, wonders which they had not discovered or discerned, but the stable, unchangeable, invisible verities cannot be dismissed just because we have promoted the opinions of men instead of the truth.

The modern temperament, which tells us that we make our way in the world, has reverted too many people back to the tribal impulse of fitting before being left out.

The greatest need of man is acceptance, identity. This foundation has not changed. No amount of learning, innovation, or discernment can change this unchanging, undying need in man.

We are  more than our thoughts and our feelings, yet if we do not establish ourselves in something certain and stable, then our thoughts and feelings unheeded, undefined, unchecked become the final arbiter for our decisions and our values. Following from these shifting uncertainties, may will latch onto anything that is close by, for better or for worse, and to his great detriment.

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