Monday, December 10, 2012

Take Back the Holy Land

Israel, the Cup of Trembling, The Apple of the Eye of YHWH
Forbidden Fruit to the Forces of Evil, The Promised Land for Everyone
YHWH proclaimed, a Father of many nations I have made you
As weeping prophets of old for joy foretold

Remember the Promised Land, given by YHWH to Abraham
Milk and Honey, West Bank and Bank of the West
Israel belongs to you, a Blessing to the Gentiles
A nation through whom all the nations are blessed

Captives no more, you shall all return, from your tents and troubles
To Jerusalem, Cup of Trembling, where you will tremble with joy, laugh like Isaac
YHWH will destroy all nations who seek to destroy you
YHWH gave Israel manna from heaven, will give you the wealth of the world

Blessed be Abraham, Said King-of-Righteousness
And Blessed be God-Most-High
Israel, the Prince with God, wrestled with the Heavenly Messenger
He lost his strength, yet he gained the Promise

YHWH remembers His covenant, the Brit Shalom Shalom,
Like the stars in heaven Like the sands on the shore of the sea
Thy seed shall inherit the Gentiles, Like Joseph
Who Dreamed, and Spoke, and Was The Savior of the World

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