Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Shout Out to Breitbart: "Big Labor"

Andrew Breitbart bit the dust all too soon, in my opinion.

A Jewish and conservative journalist, he exposed the hypocrisy and hyper-dominance of the Left and liberal elites in Government, Journalism (Media), Hollywood, and the Peace Movement.

I love the major targets of the Breitbart movement.

The people who have taken on his legacy need to start another section, this time called "Big Labor"

It's time that people in this country see the damage that public sector unions are having on this country. As a California resident, public sector unions time and again have thwarted grass-roots movements to instigate reform and change in Sacramento, including the end of the special interest lobby chokehold of Big Labor on Big Government in Sacramento.

Whoever is reading this post, it's time that journalists left and right put the pressure on the Mainstream Media and bring down Big Labor.

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