Saturday, November 26, 2011

GOP Presidential Candidates and Foreign Policy

A Presidential candidate's lack of knowledge regarding foreign policy may be a plus.

We do not need to stretch our already stretched-thin armed forces any further.

We have forces stationed in Germany! The biggest crisis hitting the lead member state of the Eurozone is not military, but financial. Let's bring our troops home!

The South Koreans can take care of themselves. The North Koreans are so distracted and ill-fed, that they could not maintain a major military onslaught for long.

As for the Middle East, the Arab Spring has done more in less than one year as opposed to decades of financial and military aid from the United States. The last thing we need to do is enter into further armed conflict with nations whose dubitable sympathies may stir up as much trouble for our Middle Eastern allies and the West as the current crop of dictators.

Congressman Paul does not fear a nuclear Iran. I am no alarmist, either, but I do not share his unbounded optimism that free markets and open trade will deter madmen Islamists bent out wiping Israel off the map. However, I am of the opinion that Israel is more than capable of taking care of itself.

Herman Cain betray a gaping ignorance of foreign policy, although his paucity of knowledge concerning foreign affairs is of little concern compare to the empty and ineffectual 9-9-9 mantra that will hit hard-working taxpayers and free-trade states which have done very well without sales taxes.

Michele Bachmann insists on spending foreign aid to struggling countries, when Congressman Paul has already demonstrated that we give nearly twice as much to states hostile to Israel and our Western allies that to our partner countries. International handouts are foreign policy folly, as well as domestic stupidity for a nation that may need a bailout of its own.

I am not looking for a war hawk or a dove -- the United States for too long has a been a turkey when it comes to foreign policy. A statesman who is unafraid to remain uncommitted to political and military entanglements around the world is what the United States needs, and only Congressman Paul has presented this consistent message of measured isolationism.

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