Sunday, November 20, 2011

Deficit SuperCommittee Was a Super Stupid Idea

Partisan politics are ever at play in the Beltway, whether in the full assembly of both chambers of Congress, or in a select committee from the ranks of both sides of the aisle.

The irreconcilable differences fall along two distinct views of government.

The Democrats want more government and wish to raise revenues to pay for it.

The Republicans want less government with tax and spending cuts to effect the same.

These views are mutually exclusive, yet represent the divided mind of the American electorate, as argued by George Will on ABC'S "This Week."

A Hamiltonian appetite for more entitlements, with a Jeffersonian mindset toward less government, has excited the unlimited imagination of the American people.

Limited government with unlimited resources, the fool's errand of popular democracy, is demonstrating the functional dysfunction of American government.

Whether imperial power will cut the deficit or curtail or freedoms, or both in the near future is a matter for future statesmen, or politicians, depending on the questionable fortitude of lawmakers to make the drastic decisions which the American voters refuse to make for themselves.

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