Saturday, November 26, 2011

Assad Pushed to the Side

The Arab League has disciplined member state Syria for its brutal crackdown against political demonstrators demanding the ouster of their brutal dictator, Bashar al-Assad.

If Assad refuses to permit an observer mission to oversee the military presence throughout the country, the Arab League will cut off all ties and freeze all assets in the country.

Frantic to contain the contagion of rebellion and dissidence thriving throughout the Middle East, the League is trying to get ahead of the Arab Spring, limiting the political threats which it poses to the established order throughout the region.

Four strongmen have been toppled from power. Assad is next, no doubt, as even the Primer Minister of Turkey has called for Assad to step down. The military crisis ha displaced a number of Syrians into refugee camps in Southern Turkey and is harassing the Northern borders of Lebanon and Jordon, Arab countries which have approached the rising demonstrations with respect and reforms.

Assad is being pushed aside, not just by the rebellion rising throughout the Levant, but among his fellow Arab leaders, who will do whatever it takes to quell the riots in their own nations' streets and prevent their own fall from power.

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