Monday, June 9, 2014

McKeon's Congressional District 25 -- Safe GOP

CD-25 (Pacific Meridian Imaging)

Reports from Politico and other left-leaning blogs suggested that Howard "Buck" McKeon's house seat was up for grabs in 2014, since he was planning on retiring and the district leans Republican only by a few points. Concerns were rising that with his departure, Democrats might have an opportunity to pick up seat.

Howard "Buck" McKeon

In 2012, McKeon faced a real challenge, which he did fight off,  but it was a fight.

Ultimately, like many long-term incumbents in Washington, McKeon faced the diminishing prospect not only of losing a chairmanship (because of internal GOP term limits) but working in a Congress which was less likely to accomplish much of anything.

McKeon also supported amnesty, which would have turned off more conservative voters in the district.
Tony Strickland
Since his departure, the seat opened up a major GOP battle between former Assemblyman and State Senator Tony Strickland and current state Senator Steve Knight.

Steve Knight
The battle has been fierce, with moderates supporting Tony Strickland, even though he is a conservative Republican, and has prior experience running for office in 2012. More likely because of his prior attempt against Julie Brownley in the 26th Congressional District most party activists are getting behind Strickland.

After the June 3rd primary, both Republicans advanced to the general election, in spite of two Democrats and an Independent running for the seat.

Will Republicans endured a similar blood-bath in the 25th just like the Berman-Sherman fight in 2012 for the 30th?

Not likely.

First, two incumbent Congressmen are not fighting for one to attain reelection. Second, the media hype will spend more time focusing on swing districts between a Republican and a Democrats, with the not-so-subtle intent of promoting the Democrat as much as possible.

California Republicans can breathe easy over one race, though: Congressional District 25 will remain firmly in GOP hands this election cycle, and perhaps for years to come.

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