Saturday, June 14, 2014

CD-23: The Divine Right of Kevin McCarthy

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Kevin McCarthy
Now that House Majority Whip Kevin McCarthy is in the running for House Majority Leader, replacing ousted Leader Eric Cantor of Virginia, his not so conservative record is causing Republicans in Washington and throughout the country to wonder whether he should retain any leadership role whatsoever.

Why has this leadership Republican become so lax in his politics, that his record is less compelling than Cantor's?

Check out his district and demographics:

In fact, McCarthy's seat is so safely Republican, that no one challenged him this year. Not even another Republican, let alone a long-shot Democrat.

This situation is more facile than Oversight Chairman Darrell Issa's coronation, for even a king has to take steps to announce his run and push aside token opposition.

This "election" is an exercise of divine right, as if McCarthy is not only entitled to it, but inherit the seat well.

No wonder McCarthy has gotten away with a voting record more liberal than Eric Cantor? A conservative Massachusetts blogger blasted McCarthy with the following attack:

Rob Eno Kevin oh Kevin acting all conservative for the cameras arr we. #fraud

Huffington Post listed eleven things that people need to know (or should know) about McCarthy, including his support for amnesty. After Cantor's loss, the Republicans' conservative conference should play a stronger hand in the House leadership, arguing not only the moral necessity of immigration enforcement (not reform) but the political necessity of hearing the American people's frustration with porous borders and unchecked lawlessness from illegal immigration.

McCarthy's reforms on immigration were so brazen, he suggested that illegals should receive legal status, even if they cannot vote. Only US Senator Rand Paul (R-Kentucky) ventures something more risky, labeling illegals "undocumented citizens." Such Orwellian nonsense is unbecoming of a Senator, or a President, and has neither place nor bearing in meaningful discussions of immigration reform.

Despite these controversies, McCarthy current has nothing to fear, since Election 2014 is more like Divine Predestination for him.

Perhaps McCarthy should be the last person to serve as Majority Leader not just because  of his less conservative credentials, or his open political subtlety (yet hardly suitability). How about the fact that he faces less of a challenge to retain his seat, even in a primary challenge?

Such inculcated hubris can only spell more trouble for Washington.


  1. LOL Comparing Rand Paul to Kevin McCarthy are we? You need help. Long, arduous, mental help.

  2. McCarthy, 49, a popular, well-connected Californian, whose rapid ascent through the ranks marks him out as a future GOP star, triumphed over Raul Labrador, a Tea Party-aligned member from Idaho.

    The election for majority leader and majority whip, the second and third ranking jobs in the House, were decided at a closed-door ballot held by House Republicans on Capitol Hill on Thursday.

    They were secret ballots, in which three party elders manually counted the ballot papers and then announced the winner to the meeting. The breakdown of votes were not revealed, but Labrador got his teabagging ass kicked but good.