Sunday, June 22, 2014

CD-24: Can Conservative Mitchum Cap Capps' Tenure?

Lois Capps: Who's she?
Congresswoman Lois Capps (D-Santa Barbara)

Why, she represents Santa Barbara and San Luis Obispo Counties in Central Coast, California.

Once again: Lois Capps, who is she?

One of  a small group of  Democratic incumbents whom the CA GOP are targeting this year.

Former Lieutenant Governor Abel Maldonado challenged her in 2012, and lost. One of the House GOP's Young Guns, Maldonado's storied career of moderation and reform (including the controversial Prop 14) did not translate into a Congressional win in 2012, or even in 2014, as he gave up his run for Governor.

A moderate GOP who had a statewide office failed to bust a cap on Capps.

Now former actor and Screen Actors Guild director Christ Mitchum is challenging her.

File:Chris Mitchum.jpg
Chris Mitchum
One party leaders criticized his campaign staff, arrogant and unwilling to listen.

He is constitutional conservative running in a fairly moderate district. Combining the entire GOP vote in the June 3rd primary, Mitchum has a ground-game or Republican voters that could support his win.

He bested one of Capps' 2012 challengers by a small margin, and the incumbent took in an impressive 43% of the vote, which remains a cause for concern.

A local activist told me that Mitchum does not have a chance. His campaign seems well-financed, in spite of concerns about his values and connections with the district, however. For the week prior to the primary, the Internet was covered with ads touting his campaign.

The Republican National Congressional Committee is focusing on her support for Obamacare. "Does she still have her 'I <3 bumper="" obamacare="" p="" sticker="">
Breitbart California has published stories on this one-time non-entity Congresswoman as well, probably to play up her challenger's chances of winning against her. The latest article focused on her support for extended gun control measures.

With  more media support as well as a hostile political climate to Democrats this year, can Mitchum bust a cap on Lois Capps' tenure in Congress?

More likely not, but if GOTV is  strong, and statewide leaders believe that Mitchum has more than a chance, the incumbent Congresswoman will face another fight.


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