Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Blockhead Commerical a Blockhead Move

I just saw the latest "Don't be a blockhead" commercial from the Allan Fung campaign.

Yes indeed, it was very clever.

There is nothing that should kill a Republican nominee's chances for statewide office like voting for President Obama, twice! That last scene, with the bearded Blockhead sticking a fork in a toaster was very funny, too.

Why would a Republican vote for a guy who voted for Obama, who bought what he was selling, so to speak?

Then again, in California, the very purple GOP nominee Neel Kashkari carried away the nomination in the primary (along with a lot of help from Establishment Republicans and a lot of his own money)

On another note, the Blockhead commercial was really dumb. If a Republican is planning for the long-term, he (or she) needs to focus on creating unity and consensus, not attacking potential general election supporters.

A Block supporter will see a commercial like this and go: "So, Fung and Co. think I am stupid because I did not support him in the primary?! Well. . "

Last time I checked, I don't see the Rhode Island Democratic gubernatorial nominees attacking voters, but instead focusing on the competing candidates.

The Fung campaign needs to reveal Block's record and Fung's record, then let the voters decide. Attacking voters is really dumb, something that only a blockhead would do.

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