Thursday, June 12, 2014

CD-49: Issa's Coronation

Darrell Issa has been a tough fighter against the Obama Administration, from investigations into Operation Fast and Furious to the IRS abuses and Benghazi.

Instead of making the stance based on principle, Issa explained to CNN's Wolf Blitzer about his rejection of the pork-laden Superstorm Sandy Bill: "This is what my constituents want".

Just take one look at his district:

It is no surprise why Issa can play a strong fiscal hawk stance and resist every liberal encroachment of the Obama Administration. With a 44% GOP registration compared to a paltry 20% for Dems plus wide margins of support for the 2010 GOP gubernatorial nominee Meg Whitman and US Senate candidate Carly Fiorina, the voting trends remain strong Republican and conservative.
Darrell Issa
I approve of Issa's work on the House Oversight Committee,  but let us recognize some facts: like any politician, Issa is in the business of getting reelected.

Not to be cynical or displace any respect for Rep. Issa, he represents a safe seat in South Orange County and North San Diego County.

During the 2013 shutdown, Politico published a poll which suggested that Issa was in trouble, with a slim margin of voters disapproving of his actions in Congress.

Consider that the mainstream media would stop at nothing to make Republicans look back. Conservative countermedia has pushed back at this liberal propaganda bias.

Issa even floated an immigration bill which would grant illegal immigrant youth a pathway to citizenship. He later pulled the attempt.

Issa then took a risk by endorsing liberal Republican Neel Kashkari for Governor instead of Tea Party conservative Tim Donnelly.

I did not approve of his endorsement for Kashkari, but that does not mean I want to throw him out of office, either.

Dave Peiser
On June 3rd, the Chairman won 61% of the vote, while the next challenger, Democrat Dave Peiser, won a laughable 28%. The combined Democratic vote does not even touch 40%.

This year, like many others before, Issa will enjoy another coronation as the House Rep for the South OC and North SD voters. He fights for us in Washington, and these efforts deserve recognition.


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  4. Darrell Issa has blasted the Obama Administration for its DREAM Executive Order, which has created an invasion of illegal immigrant youth along the Southern US border.