Thursday, June 26, 2014

Gov Walker: Not a Smidgen of Corruption

File:Scott Walker 2010.jpg
Despite the national press’ preening for bad news, particularly against Republican leaders, new outlets have failed once again, intending to fit only the news which prints their limited liberal ideology, as opposed to the truth, which vindicated conservatives and limited government advocates.

Twice this year so far, John Doe prosecutors have investigated Governor Walker for political improprieties related to his campaign efforts and his prior office staff. Twice these concerns have been rebuffed, and for all the cries of wrong-doing, there has not been one “smidgen” of corruption staining Walker’s tenure. Instead of unsubstantiated reports of unethical behavior, the mainstream media should report at length that the Governor of Wisconsin has cut taxes and spending, returned revenue surpluses to the people, and has put the public sector unions in their place, supporting the public. All adding to an economic legacy of collective bargaining rights reforms which will remain standing for the long term.

Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker is one of many Republican state executives overseeing and encouraging an American comeback despite the repeated failures, disappointments, and scandals of the federal government, most of which center on the culture of corruption otherwise known as the Obama Administration.

Instead of barking up the wrong tree of baseless accusations of base behavior coming out  of Madison, the liberal media watch dogs would be doing a true service to their calling and the country if they exposed the endemic, pandemonium of lies, deceit, waste, fraud, and international cowardice which defines the Obama Administration today.


  1. Walker---" American comeback"? That's a laugher! Wisconsin is projected to have a $1 billion surplus at the end of the two-year budget period covering July 2013 to July 2015 -- almost all of it because tax collections are rising faster than expected, the nonpartisan Legislative Fiscal Bureau said in January. So what does Walker do? What every reptilian GOPer does--cut taxes for the rich! Under Walker's budget, Wisconsin's structural deficit would grow to $725 Million. A non-partisan analysis of Walker's most recent budget concluded that the Governor's proposed tax cuts would increase the state's budget shortfall over the coming years. Walker's tax plan hyped by Fox would in fact cost the state $180 million and would ultimately turn the touted surplus into a deficit by 2017. According to a Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel headline: Walker's "Overall Plan Would Leave The State In Worse Financial Shape In The Long Run." More from the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel: Wisconsin is "37th In The Nation In Private-Sector Job Growth Under Walker." (these are FACTS, Arthur, not opinion--which is what you traffic in, and bad ones at that). As a candidate in 2010, Walker promised to create 250,000 jobs in his first term. However, entering his fourth year in office, the Journal-Sentinel labeled the state's job growth "anemic" and noted that the Governor is nearly 90,000 jobs short of his 250,000 job promise. Plus, of course, he's a Koch addict. And a crook.

  2. Mainstream Media fail once again:

    Tax cuts for the rich because more people are getting richer in Wisconsin then in other states, perhaps? What is wrong with wealth?

    1. No middle class "wealth" is being created in Wisconsin. Walker has got to go. Now.

  3. Townhall is not a "news" site--it is an opinion site. See how that works?