Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Fung Up Front About Failures

Cranston Mayor Allan Fung (Office of Mr. Fung)
Cranston Mayor Allan Fung

When Cranston Mayor Allan Fung came forward about a tragic event in his earlier years, I was really impressed.

When he was eighteen years old, he fell asleep while driving and killed a man.

What a terrible tragedy.

He was arrested, but never indicted, and the grieving family received a financial indemnity from the Fung family.

The Cranston Mayor acknowledged this terrible loss earlier this year, and he reached out the family to make peace regarding his run for Rhode Island Governor.

I applaud the Fung campaign for supporting their man in that difficult time.  I applaud the Block campaign for not making this personal tragedy a campaign issue, as well.

It must have been very difficult of the mayor to speak out about the issue, but as I have written before, Fung never hid this event. When running for Cranston City Council

Honesty and openness about past failures is crucial character trait from elected leaders, who all too often are less interested in representing their constituents, but instead focus on polishing their pride and brandishing their credentials.

Putting aside the controversy surrounding the Cranston Police Department, no matter whether Mayor Fung wins the GOP nomination or not to run for Rhode Island Governor, I hope that the voters at least take into account his honesty on this matter.

Not just the willingness to be open about failures, but let us hope that voters can demonstrate the grace to let bygones by just that.

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