Monday, May 4, 2020

Enough With LGBT for Trump

It's time for tough talk and real exchange of truth.

The Trump Movement has attracted many types of people. OK, I get the value of breaking down the identity politics chokehold that the Democratic Party has imposed on the United States.

However, some of these "identities" should not be promoted. They are not identities at all, but rather destructive, harmful behaviors.

I am talking about homosexuality, transgenderism, and all the rest.

Sexual deviancies are not identities. People are not born gay, therefore those behaviors, those feelings, those desires are not identities.

They are not open to receiving civil rights protections, either.

If people are not born gay, if they are not born in the wrong sex, then why celebrate these behaviors are normal, or as static identities in the first place?

So, I share this message with all the conservatives, with all the conservative activists:

To all the Trump supporters and movers and shakers, we need to stop promoting this "LGBT for Trump" nonsense. Every one of us has human failings or has endured tragedies, but we do not identify with them. Do we have "Drug addicts for Trump" or "Meth Fiends for Trump" or "Sexually Abused for Trump"? Of course not.

Are there "Adultery Pride Parades" or "Alcoholic Pride Parades"? Of course not. People who struggle with same-sex temptations are welcome to the support the President, to exercise their natural rights like anyone else, but there should no longer be any privileged celebration of behaviors that cause destruction and harm to the individuals and the communities as a whole.

The evidence could not be more ... evident. No one is born gay, and therefore there is no immutable characteristic or right to such behaviors.

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