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Church Militant Documents the Fall of Pride in 2020

Church Militant report on the good news following the COVID-19 outbreak.

This summary is quite telling and gratifying, especially since there is nothing better than to see the celebration of these unnatural, hateful acts being shut down all over the country.

Activists lament success of 'Mother Nature' in killing LGBT parades

The LGBT militants defy the laws of nature and nature's God. They are paying a necessary price. No one can thrust their hands in the fire, then turn around and say "I claim the freedom to be unburned." That's not how it works. You and I have free choice, but we cannot choose freedom from the consequences.

ROME ( - The Wuhan virus is wiping out gay pride parades on a global scale with over 170 LGBT+ events and pride festivals now canceled or indefinitely postponed.

One of the latest reports informed us that the Gay Pride parade was cancelled -- yes CANCELLED -- in San Francisco. More winning! This was thought unthinkable, but it happened!

"It's very clear that this pandemic is going to have a huge impact on our movement," says Kristine Garina, president of the European Pride Organizers Association (EPOA).

YES. This is what we needed. This is precisely what I had wanted to see for a long time. There is nothing to be proud of, honestly, but certainly so much which deserves ire and shame. Why do people who abuse their bodies in private insist on celebrating this destruction in public? They are desperate to make the world like and celebrate something which even they know in their own bodies is wrong.

So many former gay activists, and ultimately ex-gays, have clearly testified that they know their misue of their bodies is aberrant and erroneous. "God did not make me gay," declared Alessio Lizzio in one testimony. "I knew it was a lie, but I wanted to believe that lie."

"It is ironic that over the last few decades, various politicians, presidents, prime ministers, mayors, archbishops and other bigots have done their best to thwart and cancel pride parades, but it was Mother Nature who succeeded," Garina laments.

Thank God the Father for Mother Nature. 

Homosexuality and other aberrant LGBT behaviors are an affront to God's Natural Order.

It is only right, well, and good that the laws of nature would come down hard on shameful events like the Pride festivals.

Pride organizers, who have set up a COVID-19 International Coordination Group, are devastated that the Chinese virus is "bringing unprecedented challenges for the pride movement."

Wow! At least Church Militant is not afraid to call COVID-19 "The Chinese Virus", or at least one could call the plague the CCP Virus after the corrupt, evil Chinese Communist Party.

"We shouldn't be surprised pride organizers are frustrated at canceling these events," Catholic theologian Gavin Ashenden told Church Militant.

They deserve to feel this frustration. Finally, someone is disciplining this unruly horde, putting an and to this abuse of public space and indivdual liberty.

"The pride movement is many things, but it is at its heart an exercise in power that seeks to impose on society a false and perverse anthropology," the former chaplain to the Queen observed. "As we draw the theological dots we recognize that this frustration derives from a spiritual rebellion that is enraged by any constraint on its autonomy."

This is an excellent observation. The whole LGBT movement is about tyranny, not truth, about lust, not love, about hate, not help. The Coronavirus problem has fully exposed their perverse machinations to the world. GOOD!

Dr. Ashenden explained: "The irony of the term 'pride' is not lost on us because it has always been a celebration of a spiritual vice which is pride — a vice that brooks no opposition. It is ironic, therefore, that only an outbreak of the plague can contain this mass-expression of human hubris and expose it for what it is."

Human pride has fallen, and there is no bringing it back up. The human frailities and vices cannot withstand the truth of God's natural and loving order. Pride comes before a fall. Satan fell from heaven because of his pride, in that he insisted on reigning above the LORD Himself.

Ashenden, a recent convert from Anglicanism, remarked:

St. Paul starkly warns in Romans 1 of God's wrath being revealed against all who pervert the truth. Gay pride represents a perversion of nature. Nature now appears to have acted as an agency of God's wrath — and where moral voices protesting against pride failed to halt the marches, Mother Nature instead has ruthlessly ended them.  

I do not believe that God's wrath is being visited upon the world now, but only because of God's Own Son. He took all the wrath of God against man's sin. Still, God is not suspending His natural law. If man insists on exercising his freedom to put his hand into fire, he cannot blame God when his hand gets burned. So too, man cannot blame God for his sexual perversions. God sent His Son to take away our sin, our shame, and the bondage of sin which keeps us trapped. No one has to suffer in silence or under a stronghold of sexual temptations.

More than 170 LGBT+ pride parades have announced cancellations of the events, according to a regularly updated spreadsheet on the EPOA website. Many more are expected to follow suit in the coming days. 

News just keeps getting better and better.

EPOA's Steve Taylor said he had expected up to 1,000 pride celebrations to take place in Europe alone in 2020.

Large-scale gay parades from the "One Big Pride" in Manila, Philippines to "Wagga Wagga Mardi Gras" in Wagga Wagga, Australia have downed their shutters.

I can't believe that the Phipillines even tolerates Gay Pride. The Philippines is a resolutely conservative, very Catholic nation. The current president, Rodrigo Duterte, used to be homosexual himself, but gave up the behaviors. He now has a family, and he is incensed at the attacks on the family. The Supreme Court of the Philippines also dismissed an attempt by legislative activists to overturn the opposition to homosexuality and broaden the definition of marriage to same-sex couples. More countries like the Philippines are recognizing that the LGBT agenda is about more than "love is love". It's time for the residents in these countries to rise up and for good and denounce these perverse displays of self-loathing for good!

At least 25 states in the United States, including eight parades in California alone, have announced they will not go ahead. Los Angeles pride's 50th anniversary event has also been postponed.

I am so glad to have witnessed and documented the systematic shutting down of Gay Pride parades and other festivals throughout the state of California. This state, above many others, has been the epicenter of epic defiance against self-promoting, self-loathing homosexual and transgender voyeurism. Enough is enough!

However, Peter Lawrence Kane, communications manager for San Francisco LGBT Pride Parade and Celebration, says that "Pride 50 will go on as scheduled on June 27–28, although we are beginning to look at options for what the celebration and parade might look like if the current period of social distancing continues for more than a few weeks."

No, it won't. All their talk about overcoming this evil is going to fall flat. Their pride is being brought low, exactly as was needed. A massive update and correction is needed for this part of the report, of course! San Francisco Gay Pride has been cancelled for the year! YES!

Similarly, while Brighton Pride, Britain's most popular festival, hopes the event is expected to go ahead in August, London's Muslim mayor Sadiq Khan announced that the capital city's parade and events, which "are a key time of celebration and solidarity with our LGBTQ+ community," would be "postponed until it is once again safe for us to celebrate together."

Gay pride represents a perversion of nature. Nature now appears to have acted as an agency of God's wrath.Tweet

At least 55 other pride events in different parts of the United Kingdom have canceled their parades. Pride celebrations have also been mothballed in Brazil, Spain, Canada, Australia, France, Germany, Sweden, Ireland, Japan, Norway, Hungary, Belgium, Austria, Estonia, Romania, Greece, Singapore, Ukraine and South Africa. 

Singapore doesn't have parades, but their Pink Dot assembly has been cancelled. I can't believe Japan has a Gay Pride parade, too, but there you have it. What is the matter with these countries? To the best of my knowledge, the same nations which are struggling with low birth rates also have extensive amount of homosexual promotion and propaganda. Yes, there is a strong correlation to all of this.

Meanwhile, the Northern Italian cities of Parma and Vincenza, at the epicenter of the epidemic, have both canceled their pride events. Umbria, in central Italy, has also canceled. Milan and Rome have yet to announce if the June events will go ahead.   

Italians should be militantly opposing this parade of perversion. The country suffers from one of the lowest birthrates in the world, and they only made it worse by normalizing homosexuality and transgenderism on an unprecedented scale.

The Isle of Man, which was expecting its first-ever parade in June 2020, has also been forced to scrap the show. 

The Isle of Man is going to remain the Isle of ... men and women, not transgenders, queers, and deviants.

Poznań and Kraków in Poland have also been forced to abort the parades. Pride marches in 2019 turned blasphemous with anti-Catholic LGBT activists profaning the Blessed Sacrament by carrying an imitation monstrance in the form of a vagina topped by a gold crown.

Thank goodness that there was young boy who stood up to this evil madness to oppose it:

LGBT parades also profaned the icon of Our Lady of Częstochowa by depicting her with a rainbow for a halo.

This defense of these corrupted pageants cannot go by without proper rebuke:

"Pride has come to symbolize several things: the long history of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer dignity; the freedom of all people to meaningfully and proudly express their sexual and gender identities; and the commitment of LGBT people to combating oppression," the San Francisco pride website proclaims.

"Freedom"? Indeed, these behaviors are borne out of an unquenchable lust. There is no liberty when a man or a woman is driven to abuse his body in pursuit of carnal satisfaction from someone of the same sex. The complementarity of love belongs to one man and one woman in any physical relationship. No one else can have that. Marriage cannot be beyond one man and one woman.

"For Christians, part of the problem of the gay pride movement is that we are being presented with one thing in the name of cosmetic compassion whilst we are at the same time shown completely different," Dr. Ashenden commented, adding:

The gay pride culture is one of celebrating lascivious and unbridled sexuality, which it does in the public face of our Children. Trying to disguise this lasciviousness with a call to compassion fools some of the public but has no effect on the Christian community's evaluation of the moral hierarchy that the gay pride movement assumes.

There is no compassion for abuse of children. There can be no compassion when a movement so hell-bent on destroying the family is hurting so many children in the process. How many more young people have to be deprived of a mother and a father? How many countries have to be plagued with venereal disease and the loss of human capital? How many more adults must live in the lie that cannot satisfy their deepest hunger, their deepest thirst?

Final Reflection

We need more good news like this.

Yes, the COVID-19 outbreak has shut down businesses across the country, and we need to hope that everyone will be able to get back to normal as soon as possible.

In the meantime, we should recognize and celebrate that all sorts of sexual perversion and depravity were also put on hold throughout the world. I agree with a number of pro-family activists on one particular note:

I do not want the world to go back to normal, to go back to the way things were. I want the sexual perversion, rampant criminal lawlessness, and outright depravity to be removed from the public square. I hope and pray that residents, citizens in general, and parents in particular speak out without reserve to affirm, protect, and enhance their rights against a tyrannical, abusive, government.

I wish above all that a growing pro-family, anti-LGBT militancy springs out of the rest that took place around the world, and that partisans champion biological truth and Biblical revelation against sexual profligacy and depravity for good!

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