Thursday, April 30, 2020

The Mental Illness of State Senator David Bradley: Transwomen Are Women

Arizona State Senator David Bradley opposes HB 2706.

He thinks that men should be allowed to compete and defeat women in any competitive sports arena.

In fact, his staffer in his main office asserted that Transwomen are women.

No, they are not.

Men cannot become women. Period.

Women cannot become men. Period.

There is debating this fact.

No one is born in the wrong body, nor do they possess certain chemicals or hormones at birth which insist that they must transition out of their birth sex and become another sex.

Why does David Bradley hate women? Why does he want to ruin women's sports?

Why does he push the delusion that men can become women?

Contact State Senator David Bradley, and tell him to respect natural rights and biological fact.

Keep men out of women's sports in Arizona: Vote for HB 2706!

Phone Number: 602-926-5262

Email prefix:

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