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Hawaii RINOs Holding Hands with Socialist Democrats

***** SOCIALISALERT:  Silent Hawaii GOP Helping Isle Democrats Lead the Bipartisan March Toward Socialism *****
Chang (D) and Ward (R) are From the Government, So It's Okay
Aloha, Republicans:
While state GOP leaders Shirlene Ostrov, Mark Blackburn, Andria Tupola, Al Frenzel, Bob McDermott and Gene Ward work to actively prevent the state Republican Party from organizing voters and taxpayers against horrible Democrat legislation sailing through the State Capitol, the Hawaii State Legislature is now pushing through Senate Bill #1 -- a dangerous Marxist proposal designed to cynically exploit the Democrat-inflicted misery from our state’s politically-manufactured housing shortage (with artificially-inflated housing prices) in order to dramatically increase the numbers of desperate people in Hawaii who’ll soon be living in new leasehold government housing . . . a proposal which will also provide the politically-powerful Carpenters Union and its aggressive political SuperPAC’s with a century of lucrative taxpayer-funded projects, not to mention all the state government jobs which come with running a huge new public housing program.
The chief proponent of Senate Bill #1 is East Honolulu progressive Democrat Stanley Chang, the politician who knocked off Sam Slom two years ago.  Leftist Chang has persuaded many of his colleagues and even Governor “Doomsday David” Ige that socialism in the form of his “Aloha Homes” initiative is the answer for Hawaii.  Specifically, Chang wants the Aloha State to be just like Singapore where 80.4% of resident households live in subsidised, high-rise, public housing apartments. The bill has already passed the State Senate UNANIMOUSLY with the help of RINO Kurt “Mufi” Fevella and is being quickly pushed through the State House (passed in 3 committees already) for a promised signature from Ige.  Chang really thinks we’re stupid when he promises that "the ALOHA Homes program will cost taxpayers nothing." What Stanley Chang doesn’t mention is that Gene Ward and his four GOP colleagues in the State House support Ward’s own socialist proposal to have ‘the government’ pay for other people’s down payments in the form of higher taxes.
As a lifelong devotee of socialism (a.k.a. "free stuff"), fake Republican and top GOP leader Gene Ward is pushing a bill in 2019 to hike taxes so that taxpayers can foot the bill for future homeowners in Hawaii who want government to pay their down payments for them in order to buy a new house or condo.  Yes, both parties in Hawaii are run by Bernie Sanders clones who love pushing high taxes and big government. Neither Ward nor Chang really care where the money comes from, as long as it makes them appear 'generous' with other people's money and 'statesmanlike' for having proposed such a bold enlargement of the role of government. Well, Karl Marx was pretty bold too. And look where that got Venezuela.
Yes, just like Venezuela, China and the Soviet Union, dependency on government for survival is extremely high in Singapore.  Clearly, that extreme level of dependency whereby citizens are desperate for politicians to provide them with a place to live is a perfect model for Hawaii’s Democrats who have sabotaged capitalism and competition at every turn through overtaxation, overregulation, and sweetheart advantages for their political cronies.  Building generic, Soviet style “commieblocks” of public housing is a disturbing vision of the future for Hawaii, much like the vision of building a useless 34-mile train.  But with each passing day at the State Legislature, this socialist vision is closer to becoming reality since there is no organized opposition from the GOP and since the GOP refuses to actively assign blame to Democrats for the rising level of economic desperation in Hawaii.  This allows Democrats to pretend they are “doing something” to make things better when they are merely consolidating power, enriching themselves, and pushing island residents further into poverty and dependency.
Like every single proposal ever made by Democrats, Chang believes that the proposal is "revenue-neutral" (e.g. NOT a money-loser). He's sure that after the state floats bonds to get the projects going (i.e. borrowing money and paying it back with interest) but would recoup funding through home sales. Just remember, good socialists like Stanley Chang won't ever let citizens OWN the land they live on. So, his government housing will sit on top of land that that the state owns forever, just like those Hawaiian homelands projects which prevent Hawaiians from ever owning the land. You see, we are all wards of the state. And Democrats like Stanley Chang want us to be forever dependent on politicians and bureaucrats throughout our lives. By ratcheting up the cost of living in Hawaii, Democrats almost have us right where they want us -- begging for universal housing, universal healthcare, and universal basic income. All they need is our bipartisan buy-in and they will gladly expand the state to cover all our needs, from cradle to grave.
Unlike Republican Party organizations anywhere else in the country which lead fights against massive big government schemes, fake Hawaii Republicans like Gene Ward are perfectly content to limit any token resistance to making a ‘floor speech’ that nobody hears or a letter to the editor that nobody reads.  Abusing his position as national committeeman, Ward and his RINO pals in the leadership of the Hawaii GOP actually believe their mission as party officers is to prevent our state party from EVER leading a fight to help communities from Hilo to Hanalei rise up against these self-dealing Democrat schemes which have caused the cost of living to explode in order to enrich the political class.  No fighting higher taxes. No fighting wasteful spending. No fighting special interest legislation which costs everybody to enrich a few. No fighting the assault on the family. No fighting the conditions which have led to massive numbers of Hawaii residents packing up and leaving. In fact, no fighting at all. Ward, Ostrov, Blackburn, Tupola and the rest have KILLED AND DISMEMBERED AND INCINERATED the Hawaii Republican Party.  Not even DNA testing can identify the remains. RINO’s and Democrats have never been happier about the lack of opposition to the liberal agenda.
QUESTION:  Do island Republicans (REAL Republicans) really want to see their party sit back and let Democrats destroy the FUTURE OF HAWAII by engineering the march toward socialism with 80% of people living in government housing built next to 34-miles of overpriced train stations while the middle class and working class are systematically driven away from our shores thanks to an array of already-failed Democrat policies?

HIRA’s answer is “OF COURSE NOT”.  When you think about how badly politicians and bureaucrats in Hawaii have managed public housing projects in recent decades (not to mention mismanagement of TheTrain and everything else), you’d think that the Hawaii GOP would at least try to remind voters and taxpayers that letting Democrats multiply that mismanagement many times over through building commieblocks is the very definition of insanity.  But, alas, you won’t hear from Gene Ward’s make-believe Republican Party because he and Ostrov and Blackburn and McDermott and Fevella and Tupola are a bunch of phony-baloneys who are perfectly happy to enjoy their 15 minutes of fame while Rome burns all around them.

That’s why it’s important to know that 2019 is an Election Year.  No, not for public office, but for PARTY OFFICE. And the same loser RINO gang of Gene Ward associates (a.k.a. The Closet Democrats) which hold the majority of power in our dying (murdered, actually) state party are looking to expand their corrupt, incompetent and liberal influence at upcoming county and state conventions so that the Hawaii GOP becomes an obscene ‘cult of personality’ and cheerleading operation for a handful of RINO elected officials and favored RINO candidates.  As Gene Ward’s political death cult has proven over many years, they want to ensure that Democrats NEVER, EVER receive any opposition in their march toward socialism here in Hawaii. Case in point, over the past decade, the Hawaii GOP has actually stood down to help Hawaii Democrats to push Obamacare, higher taxes for rail, a State Property Tax, amnesty driver’s licenses for 45,000+ illegal aliens in Hawaii, along with TOTAL SILENCE AND COMPLICITY in letting Democrats engineer the destruction of Hawaii’s working and middle classes while turning Hawaii into an anti-business tax hell.
The inaction of the state party and the voting records of elected Republicans PROVE this horrifying assertion.  If not true, then think about last year’s push for a State Property Tax or this year’s push for another GET increase or 2017’s push for a Rail Tax Extension.  Did big-ego Gene “I’m a statesman” Ward allow Shirlene Ostrov and Miriam Hellreich and other party leaders to organize opposition to these harmful measures??? No, of course not.  That’s because Republicans in Hawaii (i.e. YOU) have been sold out by their own party leaders . . . the same party leaders who have also bankrupted the Hawaii GOP (forcing Ostrov to BEG the Oahu League of RINO Women for a nearly $10,000 handout just to keep the party from closing two weeks ago) and whom are scrambling to retain and expand their RINO control of our dead party at 725 Kapiolani Blvd so they can prevent our party and its message and its reforms and its solutions from ever being advocated for decades to come.
Here below is the contact information for some of these party leaders.  If you don’t believe HIRA, then write to the officers of the Hawaii GOP and ask why there have been no meetings of Hawaii GOP leadership to plan and execute any opposition to the legislation being pushed by Democrats in 2019 (or 2018, or 2017).  Ask these do-nothings why a party with 25,000 members has not been mobilized and why these lazy RINO's insist on holding GOP titles but do jack squat with their official GOP positions that they cling to with such a tight grip?  Prepare to be disgusted with their 'justifications'.

Shirlene Ostrov - State Chair -
Gene Ward - National Committeeman -
Miriam Hellreich - National Committeewoman -
Mark Blackburn - Finance Committee Chair -
Fritz Rohlfing - Immediate Past Chair -
Jonathan Kunimura - Vice Chair Communications -
"RINO Bob" McDermott - Assistant Minority Leader -
Be sure to let HIRA know what kind of nutty answers you receive back.  Here are some of the answers we’ve already received from the closet Democrats who comprise the leadership of the Hawaii GOP:
We’ve already heard back from Ostrov’s state party deputy Steve Lipscomb -- a RINO moron, apologist, enabler, and shameless RINO brownoser who nobody has ever heard of and who has no future in Republican politics.  He calls HIRA's factual and 100% proven allegations "misleading, partial-truth, hate-filled, often-times vile emails, social media posts, etc that come from HIRA.”
We’ve heard back from RINO Andria Tupola who proved to be the worst candidate for governor in state history by losing more than any candidate in Hawaii.  She wants the Hawaii GOP to spend even more time fighting HIRA and even less time fighting Democrats: “Thorough research on the destructive, non-productive, partial truth, zero plan, no real tangible actions of HIRA should be done first.”  It’s believed that Tupola is trying to install fellow liberal sympathizers into party posts so the Hawaii GOP can become an official fan club for her liberal political vision and (of course) a fan club for herself.
We’ve also heard back from RINO Gene Ward who wants party members to stop looking at the liberal voting records of Ward, Thielen, McDermott et al, just as Ward wants party members to ignore the fact that he and Ostrov and Tupola have strangled the life out of the Hawaii GOP:  “Let not your heart be troubled by the political terrorist organization called HIRA (and on the Democrats’ payroll to terrorize Republicans.”  We are sending Demented Gene yet another tinfoil hat as a sign of our appreciation for his conspiratorial fantasies.  He can wear this tinfoil hat over his pink pussy hat from the Women's March.  Gene knows better than most that if anyone is on the payroll of the Democrats, it would be Gene Ward and the majority of officers of the Hawaii GOP who sit back and allow Democrats to win 24/7/365even though 100% of the issues are on the side of Republicans.  If we only bothered to try and make a compelling case for saving Hawaii from failed Democrat policies, we’d start winning instead of throwing candidates to the wolves every two years. But, honestly, that won’t happen until 90% of party leaders are tossed out. That’s a sorry fact.  The Hawaii GOP has been infiltrated by closet Democrats led by Gene Ward. And soon, if Marxists Ward and Chang get their way, we’ll all live in government housing. Auwe!
Stay tuned for more shocking information about what these RINO’s have been doing to destroy the Hawaii Republican Party from the inside, year after year after year.  They’ll say (e.g. lie) and do (e.g. steal) anything to retain that ability to sabotage the conservative agenda and keep the Democrat agenda moving forward with the help of the Hawaii GOP and the Republican caucus at the legislature.  ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING. Auwe!!

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