Friday, March 1, 2019

Dangerous Anti-Family Bill in Utah Legislature -- Hearing today!

Dangerous anti-family bill in Utah Legislature -- hearing today!
Dangerous anti-family bill in Utah Legislature -- hearing today!

Dear Utah MassResistance:

My name is Arthur Schaper, and I am the Organization Director for MassResistance.

We are reaching out to all of you because YOUR HELP IS NEEDED HERE IN UTAH!

The Utah State Legislature is contemplating a bill HB 399, which would ban reparative therapy, otherwise referred to as “conversion” therapy, for minors. This therapy has saved countless lives, but the LGBT Hate Machine has revved up its propaganda to coerce Utahns to call their legislators to support the bill.

Children’s lives are at stake, and the rights of parents and professionals will be ruined if this bill passes.
We just found out that the Bill’s hearing in the Utah House Judiciary Committee takes place this morning, March 1st, 2019 at 8:00 am.

There is still time to contact the Judiciary Committee members, by phone or email.

You can use these talking points to tell them to vote NO on HB 399:

  1. Reparative therapy saves lives.
  2. Reparative therapy does not use physical abuse or harm. Those are lies.
  3. This bill violates the First Amendment: Freedom of Speech and Freedom of Association
  4. This bill violates parental rights.
  5. This bill will be struck down in federal court: Two decisions have outlined that the Supreme Court is poised to strike down “conversion therapy” bans” NIFLA v. Becerra and Vazzo v. Tampa
We have also prepared this document with more information and talking points to fight this terrible bill.

Here are the phone numbers and emails for the Judiciary Committee Members:

Lisonbee, Karianne, Chair
14           R                               801-589-2934

Hall, Craig, vice chair [Sponsor of the Bill! You really need to let him have it!]
33           R                               801-573-1774

Acton, Cheryl K.
43           R                           801-809-3571

Brammer, Brady
27           R                        801-839-4653

Hawkins, Jon
57           R                      385-352-0980

Hutchings, Eric K.
38           R                                  801-963-2639

King, Brian S.
28           D                                   801-560-0769

Pitcher, Stephanie
40           D                        385-258-3881

Seegmiller, Travis M.
62           R                 435-236-5118

Snow, V. Lowry
74           R                          435-703-3688

Waldrip, Steve
8              R                       801-389-9329

Wheatley, Mark A.
35           D                           801-556-4862

Here is the complete list of their emails in one group:

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