Friday, June 8, 2018

Chino Hills Still Chickens Out -- Why?

Friends of mine live in the Chino Hills, San Bernardino/Orange County region, and they have been working hard to get their cities to oppose SB 54.

Yet Chino Hills is still refusing to do anything. No resolution, no amicus brief, nothing.

What is their problem?

The Chino Hills city council does not appear willing to take on SB 54, a new law declaring California a sanctuary state, because it has no bearing on policing in the city, according to Mayor Peter Rogers.

Eight of 11 speakers on May 22 asked the city council to join a growing number of cities that have opposed the sanctuary state laws. Seven of the eight speakers live in the neighboring cities of Chino, Diamond Bar, Upland, and Rancho Cucamonga.

They are loosely affiliated with a group called Chino-Chino Hills Coalition to Fight SB 54.

Members will attend the June 5 Chino city council meeting with the same message.

Chino Hills resident Jason Tullai made his fourth appearance, urging the council to protect the citizenry and place the matter on a future agenda.

“Sacramento has turned this into a sanctuary state and criminals are being released,” Mr. Tullai said. “These criminals are committing additional crimes and yes, killing people. Don’t let blood be on your hands.”

The statements from the police chief did not help the citizens' cause:

Capt. Darren Goodman said he completely understands how complex and politically charged the issue can be, however, the San Bernardino County Sheriff Department does not participate in immigration enforcement.

They should. This police chief did not have the courage to speak out for the rule of law. At least the Tehachapi police chief was willing to speak out against SB 54.

I am so tired of the political correctness which has overwhelmed some of the police leadership in Southern California. They have a responsibility to protect the public, and their charge should include going after illegals in our cities.

“We do not want the fear of immigration status to prevent somebody from reporting a crime or interacting with our deputies,” Capt. Goodman said. “However, we do strongly believe that any person who commits a crime should be and will be held accountable and face legal consequences in the judicial system.”

Give me a break. That is a non-issue all the way.

The law prevents local law enforcement agencies from using personnel and resources to help with federal immigration enforcement, with exceptions for violent offenders.

Capt. Goodman said there are instances where federal authorities have asked the sheriff’s department to hold somebody but “we cannot hold any inmate past their scheduled release date without a legal warrant or a detainer signed by a federal judge,” he said.

The captain said SB 54 has not affected Chino Hills and has not impacted policing when it comes to immigration. He said multiple cities that contract with the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department, including Highland and Yucaipa, have chosen to oppose sanctuary law but it hasn’t changed the way the sheriff’s department does business in those cities.

That argument is one of the biggest cop-outs (no pun intended). SB 54 is affecting law enforcement of all levels. Police chiefs have remarked that they can no longer work with federal agencies to stop sex trafficking and human trafficking. Police officers must deal with repeat offenders released back onto our streets. Even in Ventura County, retiring Sheriff Geoff Dean acknowledged that because of SB 54, he had to release a child molester back onto Ventura County streets.

Where's the safety in this perverse nonsense?

Nowhere to be found. It's time for the city of Chino Hills--and all cities in the state of California--to take a stand against SB 54 and Make California Safe Again.

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