Friday, October 31, 2014

The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee Called. . .Me!

Last night, while writing up a report on the Rhode Island gubernatorial and Congressional races, I received a last minute call from the:

I know that President Obama is on everyone else's phone, but now Debbie Wasserman-Schultz is sending robo polls to my phone, too?

They must be panicking this year.

I got three questions from a human, though recorded voice.

Did you vote or are you going to vote in the 2014 Congressional race?

Yes, I already did.

If you voted for Ted Lieu, press One. If you voted for Elan Carr, press Two.

I pressed two, without hesitation.

I must say that I was surprised to be getting a call from the DCCC.

Then they asked me when I was born, and my gender.

Maybe I should have given them wrong information, just to mess with them.

I toyed with that idea, then I pressed on and pressed the buttons.

Ted Lieu -- Worried?

State Senator Ted Lieu must be worried, and the Democratic Congressional Committee must be worried for him if they are polling this race so late into the election.

At any rate, no matter who wins, the fact that Democrats are spending time and money on otherwise "safe" seats should be a clear indication that they are running scared in 2014.

IS another shellacking heading for Washington and for California this time?

File:Elan Carr.jpg
Republican Elan Car
Putting pressure on Ted Lieu

Last minute polls like the one I just received would suggest -- yes!

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