Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Rick Marshall's Brilliant No-Cost Campaign

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Five Things That Help 

Takes less than five minutes and doesn't involve a donation.
  1. Visit and Like the campaign facebook page.
  2. Visit the campaign website sign up as a supporter and like a page.
  3. Visit the campaign youtube channel and watch one video. Leave a comment.
  4. Follow the campaign on twitter. Retweet one of the campaign tweets.
  5. Forward this email to five friends. Ask them to signup for the campaign email.
Please choose one and do it immediately. 

There. You've helped the campaign. It wasn't so bad was it.

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You have expressed interest in my Board of Equalization Campaign

Our mailing address is:

G. Rick Marshall State Board of Equalization, District #3
2390 Crenshaw Boulevard, #423
Torrance, CA 90501

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Rick Marshall of Torrance, CA has run for local office a few times. Whether because of a lack of money or name recognition, he did not get elected.
This time around, he managed to get his name on the ballot for the Board of Equalization, but not through the conventional campaigning and primary fights.
He promoted a write-in campaign, and it worked. Now he is on the general election ballot for the Board of Equalization.
Not only did he spend little money to get on the ballot, now he is promoting his campaign, and he wants to do it without spending your money.
When I received this email, I thought it was brilliant.
Social media can expand a candidate's outreach, and a politician who wants my help, but expressly declares his intentions of doing so without asking me for campaign money, not only has my vote, and my support, but I agreed to do all the things he requested me to do.
I did not know what the Board of Equalization was for, until Rick explained it to me on his YouTube channel.
I hope that Rick Marshall wins this election. We need non-partisan yet conservative solutions to our tax-and-spend liberal culture in Sacramento and throughout the state of California.

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