Sunday, October 12, 2014

Being a Man: A Pre-Existing Condition


Obamacare supporters drummed up a powerful, shameful argument to slam opponents of the law, which are growing with the rising taxes and regulatory burdens preventing:

"Being a woman is no longer a pre-existing condition."

Granted, there are a number of health challenges which women face, by virtue of their sex.

Pregnancy is a unique status, a blessed calling which only women can receive and enjoy.

For Washington statists to call child-bearing a pre-existing condition is an insult to the millions of new mothers every day who bear a child.

This narrative is also an insult to the millions of men who help father children, then become fathers to those children.

The Bastiat Institute released a composite set of statistics, presented above, which put the whole  victimization of women argument into perspective.

Just look at those numbers.

Men are automatically the losers in custody battles much of the time. Judge Judy Sheindlin has slammed this unjust outcome time and again. In her New York family courtroom, before her TV celebrity, she witnessed how poor the family system treated men and fathers at the expense of the mother in those fraught custody battles.

Oftentimes, the mother could be a complete drug addict, and she would still have a better chance at retaining custody.

Men are more likely to commit suicide, die in homicides are accident-related deaths.

They also do not live longer. In many insurance companies, the actuarial tables penalize men automatically with higher insurance rates -- just for being a man.

Where's the Democratic talking points about "War on Men"?

There is none for one reason -- the Democratic Party in the years 2013 and 2014 is depending heavily on the woman vote in order to maintain any kind of power in Washington.

Women are running for the US Senate, under the Republican label. No war on women there.

Ads in California are mocking President Obama's plea to protect women's access to birth control, but his recalcitrance on economic issues, plus the endless chain of broken promises on jobs, health care, and national security.

Not just women, though, but there are now a record number of men out there who are not able to find work. One commentator argued that one in five people wake up every morning and do not have a job.

This is a moral crisis in our country, and one could call. . . a war on men (?)

Is being a man now a pre-existing condition to our political class, in that these policies have up-ended the role of fathers and the rule of law in our country, too?

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