Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Governor Walker Working Toward Third Victory

Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker is running for statewide office for the third time in four years. That record in itself is an accomplishment. Winning by a stable margin in 2010, then widening that victory to defeat a partisan recall effort in 2012 against the same opponent, Governor Walker has diverse polling  to his advantage, all of which suggest that a tight race is breaking for this conservative Republican in the once deep blue progressive Dairy State.

As for Walker’s third gubernatorial challenger, Democratic lawmaker Mary Burke has attempted to coopt Walker’s economic plans, while making no claims to roll back the crucial yet controversial collective bargaining reforms. Her family fired her from their firm because of incompetence, she refuses to speak with the press, and even when President Obama stumps on her behalf, otherwise loyal partisans leave Mary Burke’s rallies, apparently disinterested with their candidate or discouraged by the President who brought neither hope nor change to a country more divided and frustrated than before.

Conservative columnist Thomas Sowell called Wisconsin’s gubernatorial race the most important in this country, more than the Republicans’ optimistic resurgence in the US Senate or gains in Congress. Walker’s reforms have not only proved the long-term efficacy of limiting government, lowering taxes, and loosening regulations and control over local government agencies, but he accomplished these reforms while championing the rights and protections of women (born and unborn). His win in 2014 will solidify the political as well as moral and financial success of those reforms.

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