Monday, October 27, 2014

Justice Delay-ed

Republican House Majority Leader was indicted and convicted on corruption charges.

The indictment was politically motivated, according to critics, and yet because of the felony on his record, Delay would not be allowed to run for office.

He appealed the decision.

And he kept appealing.

This month (October 2), Tom "The Hammer" Delay hit back, and won.

Former House Leader Tom Delay commented to Time Magazine:

“This is part of the criminalization of politics that the left is very much involved in,” he says. “It’s not just me—They did it to [Texas] Gov. Rick Perry, I contend they did it to [Virginia] Gov. Bob McDonnell, they’re trying to do it [Wisconsin] Gov. Scott Walker and many others.”

Tom Delay
The other development is the surprising lack of attention to Delay's exoneration.

He has been fighting these charges for nearly a decade. Forced to step down from leadership, then forced to give up his seat, the dark turn in leftist criminal attacks against political opponents should alarm concerned citizens.

The other troubling issue: the media silence.

The federal government fell on the Hammer like a hammer. The wasted time, money, and resources is incalculable. The assault on political discourse and democratic processes needs to be discussed.

Another quote from Time Magazine:

DeLay told TIME that his legal fees for “all of that” is “well over $12 million.”

He spent $12 million. What did the state of Texas or the federal government spend, or rather, how much of our taxpayer dollars were spent prosecuting, or rather persecuting this lawmaker on trumped-up charges?

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