Monday, October 27, 2014

Bridge-Gate to Nowhere

Another media fail has gotten no attention.

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie faced intense legal and media scrutiny falling the forced blocking of George Washington Bridge.

George Washington Bridge

Shortly after the media love affair with moderate Republican Governor Chris Christie crested after the November elections, allegations of political pay-back blew up on his face.

Because of the Democratic mayor of one New Jersey town refused to endorse Christie, staffers positions road blocks and reduced George Washington Bridge to one lane.

Supposedly, men and women suffering in ambulances died (actually, there were no deaths).

Emails among Christie staffers gave the impression that Christie was behind it.

Even though four diplomats died in Benghazi, Libya, and despite the telling evidence suggesting a political cover-up, President Obama did not give two minutes to explain what happened, or to grieve with families.

Governor Christie gave the mainstream media two hours.

The liberal cable channels gave this country weeks of coverage on this "scandal".

NBC wrote 121 stories about this non-story.

CBS News reported on Christie's feelings, as well as numerous other takes on this non-event, including feelings of "nervousness".

New York Magazine, however, reported that federal officials found nothing incriminating Christie:

Federal officials told NBC New York that while their investigation is ongoing, they've yet to turn up anything that suggests the governor orchestrated the lane closures, or even knew about them in advance.
Of course, that's just one of multiple investigations into Bridgegate, and the Port Authority in general. Christie was actually referring to the probe being conducted by New Jersey's legislature. He accused the Democrats leading the committee of leaking information to the media and caring "more about being on television than they care about actually getting to the truth."
Bridgegate has been crossed, and since no one died, or the steam has been released, noone cares.
Another media fail, and the media silence about its own perverse persistence on Christie's non-crime is discouraging.
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