Sunday, September 14, 2014

The Socialist Sophistry of Bernie Sanders

Taxation in Sanders' terms: "Ask the rich to pay more"
Listening to Socialist US Senator Bernie Sanders talk about wealth redistribution, he gives the impression that government intervention and taxation is a voluntary proposal.

In his debate with Congresswoman Michele Bachmann, Sanders suggested "asking" the wealthy One Percent to pay a little more in taxes.

Taxation is not asking, but taking, and by force, pure and simple. Where does Sanders get the idea that the government asks anyone to pay their taxes, let alone to pay more?

Another thing: all the talk about raising the minimum wage is misleading rhetoric at its core.

The government, whether state, federal, or even municipal, has no direct power or authority to raise any wage (aside from the salaries which specific agencies pay to their employees).

What legislation does is compel business to make choices regarding wages, employment, investment, or closure.

Businesses do not have to offer a wage. They can layoff workers because they cannot afford to pay them. They can also decline to hire more employees because the cost would be too great.

Businesses can raise the prices of their goods.

They can bring in automation to end hiring.

They can hire individuals illegal (or illegal immigrants) and pay them less than the minimum wage.

They can close their businesses in one location and move to another.

The truth is that governments, and politicians, do not advocate for raising the minimum wage, since they do not have the authority (or the resources) in their own reach to enact such increases.

They force businesses to make certain decisions.

Politicians, governments, legislation force the minimum wage. Nothing more.

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