Sunday, September 7, 2014

Brown's Double-Talk on Vergara

In the September 4 debate with GOP candidate Neel Kashkari, Governor Brown explained that he is appealing Vergara v. California, because the California state constitution requires him to do so.

I'm appealing [the ruling] because the Constitution requires the Court of Appeal to invalidate the laws of California. Do I think there's a problem in the inner cities of California? Where 1.6 million kids speak no English at home, where the kids are homeless and in poverty? Yes I do.

Hiding behind the color of legal authority, Brown justifies challenging the judge's ruling which invalidated teacher-tenure as well as the sudden terminations and Last Hired, First Fired provisions in teacher contracts.

Where was Attorney General Brown when a lawsuit challenged Prop 8, which defined marriage in California as between a man and a woman?
File:Gov Jerry Brown epeech (2).jpg
Governor Brown stumping for Prop 30 in 2012 (Source: Neon Tommy)
He refused to defend the Proposition, which was not just a law, but an amendment to the California State Constitution. The legal challenge took effect in 2010, the same year that he was running for Governor and still served as California's Attorney General.

Why the double-standard on legal action?

Like President Obama and his decision to delay executive action on amnesty for the millions of illegal immigrants (and now illegal immigrant youth streaming into the country), Governor Brown upholds, defends, or ignores laws depending on political calculation, rather than moral implications.

Whether an attorney general or a governor supports or resists a law, he has a responsibility to uphold and defend the law from challenges in lower courts, whether state or federal.

So, according to Jerry Brown gay activists and leftist groups could redefine marriage as they please, even though a majority of voters in 2008 supported Prop 8 and believe that marriage should be defined between one man and one woman. In stark and disturbing contrast, nine inner city youth who challenged the existing teacher-tenure laws will have to wait following further appeals, and directly from the governor of California. Even the superintendent of LA Unified, a defendant in the Vergara case, supported the students' legal challenge.

Brown is picking his legal battles, of course, and siding with the interests who will fund his campaigns and keep the coffers filled for his next election.

Brown's double-talk on Vergara exposes the double-mindedness of California liberals, who on one had want what is best for the children (including extended legal hearings for illegal immigrant youth) yet on the other hand do not support the basic right of a good education for California's kids.

Marriage does not matter, the integrity of the state's borders are irrelevant, but extended protection for incompetent teachers and corrupted union leaders (at the expense of California's future), Brown will lead the legal charge and challenge.

To repeat Kashkari's indictment:

"You should be ashamed of yourself, Governor!"

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