Thursday, September 25, 2014

Anti-Tribute to Attorney General Eric Holder

Attorney General Eric Holder has announced his resignation, and he will step down as soon as a successor is appointed to replace him.

What took so long? President George W. Bush suffered through three attorneys general, the first resigning for health reasons, followed by the second because of conflicts of interest and failures relating to the termination of US Attorneys, and the third because of the end of the Bush Administration.
Eric Holder did not deserve to stay in office for six months, let alone six years.

His prior activist antics should have disqualified him from nomination. During his youthful, thug-life college days, he took over any empty ROTC office as part of the Columbia University Student protests.

Eric Holder, during his young, activist days

“I was among a large group of students who felt strongly about the way we thought the world should be, and we weren’t afraid to make our opinions heard. I did not take a final exam until my junior year at Columbia — we were on strike every time finals seemed to roll around — but we ran out of issues by that third year.”
He didn’t respect the rule of law then, and refused to submit for college exams, too?

Then there were comments like these which revealed Holder's radical and hypocritical agenda:

One thing that is clear with young people and with adults as well is that we have to be repetitive about this [gun control]. We have to brainwash people into thinking about guns in a vastly different way.
File:Ericholder deputyag 20000818.png
"We have to brainwash people to give up their guns."

During his confirmation hearing on the subject, Holder tried to backtrack from these comments? His excuse? “I was talking about black people.” Well.

Instead of chief legal counsel to hold all branches of government accountable, Holder was chief attack dog bullying lesser government entities (city or state) to comply with the bankrupt, immoral worldview of progressive liberalism: ignoring IRS abuses, seizing the phone records of Associates Press, and nationalizing Obama’s reckless, executive illegality.

When the American People wanted border security, Attorney General Holder responded with Operation Fast and Furious. This felony-stupid gun-running program armed Mexican drug cartels with automatic weapons in an attempt to track down the whereabouts of these notorious criminal organizations. The program backfired, literally, killing American Department of Justice members. Sadly, a complacent and complicit media enabled this Attorney General to wage war on the rule of law, all while claiming to defend it. Only the concerted efforts of conservative political cartoonists and Tea Party advocates maintained aim on the attorney general and the unjust Dept. of Justice.

Holder refused to defend the Defense of Marriage Act and to uphold the proper definition of marriage. Black pastors around the country rallied against this man, circulating a petition to have Holder impeached. While he claimed that investigations into the voting rights abuses at polling stations would “demean his people”, he neglected to honor their staunch support for marriage defined as one man and one woman.

When the United States Supreme Court struck down key portions of the 1965 Civil Rights Act, Holder challenged the ruling, as well as ID laws which have ensure the integrity of the voting process. Still playing the race card and intimidating local governments to comply with the twisted, anti-American vision of the Obama Administration, Holder and the DOJ threatened to sue the little town of Lomita, CA, when the city council voted against the expansion of a Mosque. City leaders and their representatives argued at length their concerns with higher traffic congestion and quality of life issues on Lomita streets, local antagonists charged Islamophobia. The Department of Justice investigated the proceedings from Lomita planning commissions, then threatened the city to permit the expansion or face a lawsuit. With no resources to sustain a defense in federal court, the city relented.

The latest race-baiting prosecution would focus on the riots in Ferguson, Missouri following the death of Michael Brown, the not-so-gentle giant who had robbed a convenience store and resisted the police. Instead of supporting the peace officers and public safety, Holder announced intensions to investigate the police department. The Attorney General transformed himself into General in the army of Liberalism, culminating in a derogatory, legal smears against the Ferguson police.

While Holder announced his resignation today (September 25, 2014), calls for his resignation have remained long and uninterrupted.
File:John Cornyn by Gage Skidmore.jpg
US Senator John Cornyn (R-Texas) called for Holder's resignation long ago.
Freshman Tea Party Congressman Raul Labrador interrogated Holder at length about his routine and repeated habit of ignorance about criminal investigations and unseemly conduct from key investigators, who refused to turn over evidence on Operation Fast and Furious. The full House held the Attorney General in contempt, yet no one has brought him to justice. Later, US Senator John Cornyn denounced the Attorney General in one indictment after another, then called for his resignation. Nothing has happened.

When the United States needed law enforcement, Holder played the race card.  When the Constitution deserved defense, he offended its fundamental premises. To the very end, Holder prided himself on his activist administration. In general and particular, Attorney General Holder had no business being the chief law enforcement officer of the United States.

AG Eric Holder resigns
(what took so long?)

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