Saturday, September 27, 2014

The Democratic War on Debbie

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Debbie Wasserman-Schultz
Debbie Wasserman-Schultz claimed that Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker had given the women of his state the back of the hand and was pulling their hair because of his free market, limited government, collective bargaining reforms.

Aside from being crude as well as factually wrong, the Democratic Congressional Committee Chairman's terms added to the Media and Political Malpractice which diminishes the pain and suffering associated with real domestic violence.

While over-the-top in his rhetoric, Maine Governor Paul LePage penned a scathing letter to the NFL Commissioner, blasting him and the institution for handing down a light sentence (a two-game suspension). Without threatening anyone, LePage stated it clearly: domestic violence is a serious issue, nothing to joke about, and certainly not worth submitting to base comparisons.

Whether these snide attacks are personally petty or politically motivated, Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman-Schultz has exposed the true War on Women, among the Democratic Party activists who have ignored routine abuses by Democratic lawmakers and leaders.

To this day, former President Bill Clinton cannot run away from the dogged allegations of sexual assault and rape which nearly undermined his first Presidential campaign in 1992, and have shamed his legacy ever since. Tabloids still lampoon his supposed sexual exploits, and some reports have salaciously intimated about liaisons with underage girls.

Bill Clinton playing a faithful husband
DWS not only whitewashes the dirty past of prior liberal politicians, but her latest embellishment against Walker exposed the shrieking hysteria of the Left's War on Women meme against Republicans, and particularly Tea Party leaders.

Notwithstanding such heated, negative press, the Democratic Party stands by their man. But they are not standing by Debbie.

With barely a month before elections, the Democratic Party appears poised to give DWS the back of its hand, as the White House distanced itself from her comments, then inner party staffers complained about her demands for the party to pay for her clothing.

Because of the backlash, DWS  may have to step down as Democratic Congressional Committee Chairwoman (or is it Chairperson).

Then again, with Democratic prospects in the House looking dimmer with every month, and the chances of the Republicans taking back the Senate this year, Schultz and other Democratic candidates will get canned anyway.

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