Thursday, September 11, 2014

Rhode Island Gubernatorial Primary 2014: Reflection

September 9 was the primary date for New England, and the outcomes were interesting, to say the least.

In the Democratic camp, General Treasurer Gina Raimondo won the nomination, taking in 42% of the vote. Providence mayor Angel Taveras had hoped to capitalize on his working-class, ethnic roots, and millionaire with statewide pedigree Clay Pell hoped that money and name recognition would give him an edge.

Taveras jabbed at Pell, and Raimondo kept rising, like the beer she brought back to Rhode Island. Todd Giroux the Liberty Democrat took in one point, but name recognition went to Raimondo in this fight.

Still, Raimondo's working-class commercials were hard to take. A Rhodes Scholar on the road trying to win Rhode Island votes? Really?
GOP Gov. Candidate Allan Fung
As for the Republican battle, Cranston Mayor Allan Fung carried the vote by ten points against Moderate candidate and state reformer-activist Ken Block, a respectable win for the mayor, though not as decisive as Treasurer Raimondo's.

The political attacks between the two Republican candidates were disconcerting. From "Blockhead" to "Political Insider" hits, police ticket uproars and Moderate-to-GOP switches (with admissions about supporting Obama, twice), the GOP primary fight was not a clean or clear contest until election night.

At least now it's over.
Dem Gov. Candidate Gina Raimondo

Here is the break-down for the Democratic and the Republican vote:

Primary results

[hide]Governor of Rhode Island, Democratic Primary, 2014
CandidateVote %Votes
Green check mark transparent.pngGina Raimondo 42.2%51,770
Angel Taveras 29.2%35,803
Clay Pell 26.9%32,986
Todd Giroux 1.8%2,198
Total Votes122,757
Election Results Via:Rhode Island Primary Unofficial Results.
[hide]Governor of Rhode Island, Republican Primary, 2014
CandidateVote %Votes
Green check mark transparent.pngAllan Fung 55%17,011
Ken Block 45%13,932
Total Votes30,943

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