Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Bowen and California's Depression

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Debra Bowen
Secretary of State Debra Bowen (D-Redondo Beach) has been suffering from a deep depression, according to staff reports, and has neglected her elected duties for years because of her illness. Only recently did the press report on her condition.
There is plenty to be depressed about in California.
 But before talking about the Golden State, let's talk about the South Bay lawmaker turned state election watcher.
She had a lot of promise, and realized a great deal of it early on. Representing the South Bay in the Assembly then in the state senate, she pressed ahead to win the Secretary of State Position without too much resistance.
A proponent of transparency in government, Bowen pushed legislation to post all California bills on line.
In 2011, Congresswoman Jane Harman announced her resignation (four months after being reelected by the slimmest margin in a decade). Following predictable speculation (since she hails from Redondo Beach) Bowen threw her hat in the ring. She faced another Democratic contender for the seat, Janice Hahn (who had run for Harman's seat and lost in 1998). The first jungle primary in the state of California following the passage of Prop 14, Bowen lost the Top Two spot by two hundred votes to Republican Craig Huey.
Because of her sudden loss in an otherwise Democratic district, Bowen declared that she would endorse no one, then disappeared from the public eye. . .
Until recently, when reports have suggested that she has suffered from a deep depression, and now lives secluded in a trailer park.

There is plenty to be depressed about in California, certainly.
One in five state senators have been suspected, indicted, or convicted of serious felonies. The attorney general will not enforce or defend key laws passed by the state legislature and popular initiative. Governor Brown is turning California into a sanctuary state for illegal immigration, and the state legislature is declaring a war on guns and businesses without enacting policies to generate long-term recovery and growth.

Adding to this depression, the media failure to report on the debilitated Secretary of State is disconcerting. She has not been doing her job, and the Democratic Supermajority said nothing, did nothing, and let her get away with getting paid to do nothing.
If she cannot serve in full capacity, then Secretary Bowen needs to step down. Her debilitating mental depression requires immediate attention, but so does California’s dysfunctional, deplorable, depressing governance. Now more than ever California need responsible leadership.
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Where Have You Been, Debbie?
(Source: Joe Hall)

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