Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Kafkaesque Public Schools: Miramonte Elementary

The teachers who were forced to move to another school, a high school about to open, have opened up since their directed relocation.

Where does Mr. Deasy get the idea that transplanting an entire horde of teachers is going to effect the necessary change that allays the growing fears of parents and the already heightened conerns of students, who now must suffer with the rising suspicion that every teacher they meet may be a predator or a threat to their integrity?

The teachers are demonstrating en masse, demanding redress for the unprecedented removal which they have endured. Let us not forget also what their  young charges have had to deal with. The last thing that a student needs is instability. With teachers being forced to move from one classroom to another, students have less to rely on, less to hope for in their classroom experience.

Instead of forcibly moving teachers, LAUSD and the state of California must bring to an end the compulsory schooling which forces students to enroll in the closest school, regardless of how well or how poorly the school teaches the students.

The Miramonte scandal could be solved in a trice of parents were allowed to take their kids out of the school and enroll them in a more stable and reputable institution.

No choice, no safety, no where else to go: teachers, students, and parents are all suffering in this nightmare.

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