Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Debt Stand-Off Renewed on Capitol Hill

Speaker of the House John Boehner must lead the charge to stop the spending.

He should not refer to his member as "frogs in a wheelbarrow." It is time that House Representatives assert their independence and their loyalty to their pledge to stop government spending, or at least force Congress to take necessary looks at the cuts that need to be considered in the future.

It is not surprising, though appalling none the less, to listen to House minority leader Nancy Pelosi shame the conservative majority as irresponsible and immature. For the first two years of the Obama Presidency, Democrats increased spending to obscene levels while forcing an unwanted, unneeded, and unread medical insurance mandate on the American people, which a majority of Americans still loathe and want repealed as soon as possible.

The Progressive vision of Big Government without borders or boundaries has not swayed the growing majority of disaffected and disillusioned voters, many of whom are regretting voting for a "Hope and Change" executive with little experience or insight into the proper workings of American Government.

The Republican majority in the House, with their minority counterpart in the Senate, could not have selected a better time to raise awareness about the debt, deficits, and spending which are still assaulting the American economy while discouraging the jittered and anemic business class. Right-to-work states like Indiana have encourage a resurgence in growth and gathering of entrepreneurship., yet the withstanding regulations that are intimidating banks from loaning and discouraging businesses from hiring are still on the loose. Cut spending, limit government, free up the powers of the states and the people, and the American economy will grow once again.

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