Friday, May 18, 2012

Save the State Parks with Private Investment

The state of California has 278 state parks, all of which add grandeur and grace to a state which is rapidly losing both politically and economically.

The Democratic legislators seeking to keep public parks open, Joe Simitian of Palo Alto and Noreen Evans of Santa Rose, both suggested that the parks should remain open in order to prevent neglect and vandalism from ruining these natural treasures.

More importantly, they favor inviting private investment for the parks, including specialty license plates and liability coverage for outside firms willing to run the parks.

I approve very much of the latter idea. Invite private firms to operate the parks. By charging residents to a small fee for admission, these private firms can invest the funds more wisely and efficiently, providing a clean, well-preserved venue for taxpayers while removing the burden of one more agency from the already overburdened state.

Democrats in the state legislature who welcome public-private partnerships to assist our cash-strapped state should be commended, for they are safeguarding state property, saving jobs, and safely diminishing the state's unsustainabe responsibilities.

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