Sunday, May 27, 2012

Hugo Chavez: Communist Bully Using Old Tactics

He has hijacked the democratic plebescite. He has personified himself as the people. He has shut down opposition media outlets in his country. Now Communist-sympathizer and presidential usurper Hugo Chavez of Venezuela wants to ban guns in public places.

Another country reported one of the lowest crime rates in the world. Individuals could walk freely in their communities without fear of reprisal from criminal elements. This was Germany under Nazi rule in the 1930's, when Chancellor Adolph Hitler instituted a massive gun-control initiative. He also routinely and arbitrarily arrested "miscreat elements" including political opponents, drug users, and other marginal types who in fact posed no threat to the communal integrity of the nation, and these policies he had initiated long before the Nuremberg laws were passed in 1935.

Latin American caudillo Hugo Chavez has eroded the power of the citizen and his efficacy in the  political process. It will be a dark day indeed if the people of Venezuela permit their erstwhile savior to challenge their power to protect themselves from the government.


  1. 55% of the population was in poverty when Chavez took over, its 30% now. The Venezuelan economy has grown by 76% since he took charge and inflation is down from 120% in 1998 to 20% now.
    Socialism working quite well there then which is what really scares you especially as capitalism is crashing down around our ears.

    1. My first question: what is the Venezuelans' definition of poverty?

      I would also like to know what freedoms they enjoy, for receiving a little from the state does not make up for the crushing encroachments which have scared away entrepreneurs, middle class investors, and ethnic minorities like the Jews.