Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Thoughts on "Occupy Ideas"

Robert Eshman’s positive reception of the wealth creators at the Milken Global Conference is a sign that the mainstream media has seen the light: free markets make free people.

The Occupy Movements of yesteryear were filled with angry people taking up space and disgracing the public square. Railing against Big Business, they should have been rallying against Big Government through campaigning and voting. The Austrian school of economic thought, dominated by Jewish thinkers like Ludwig von Mises and Murray Rothbard, have long argued for less regulation and more individual initiative for economies to grow. Wealthy men and women need to invest their hard-earned wealth. Simply transferring wealth from those who work to those who won’t, won’t help anybody.

Mises, a pioneer of the Austrian School, and well-respected Jewish economist in his own right, articulated very persuasively that the 99% cannot be ruled unless they are persuaded by public opinion to grant more power to the state. Mises predicted that for free markets, entrepreneurship, and wealth creation to prosper, the right combination of good thinking and good communication would persuade the 99% to receive the “good ideas” of the 1%.

Here’s to Rob Eshman, the latest member of the Austrian School.

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