Saturday, May 19, 2012

Modern Diseases: Ancient Remedies

Modern Man has attempted to define his own experience in a universe that resists definition.

No one can measure the boundless edges of the Earth, nor can any man control nor even explore the deep denizens of the ocean.

The more that man discovers, the greater his awe at his own staggering ignorance. The physicists, the poets, and the proletariat possess a great understanding than the educated idiots who insist on managing forces, fields, and elements which escape man's expression.

We did not create ourselves, nor  are we responsible for creating our own experience.

The morals of a man's guidance or simply not the product of his reason. He presumes to instill force and power in people, when men and women will still yearn to be free, yet everyone of us ourselves must be defined by something.

We have abnormal moods because we do not rest and trust in the One who made us, the One who sent His Son to die for us, the One who offers His Holy Spirit to lead us through a world filled with lies and liabilities.

Modern man has grown more foolish, more unwise in his intellectual pursuits and conceits. He cannot make a flea, yet he dreams up gods by the dozens, so wrote the essayists Montaigne.

The ancient remedy for Modern disease is the Ancient of Days.

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