Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Artur Davis Joins the GOP

Another Black politician is scandalized and marginalized by the anti-growth, pro-relativism policies of the Democratic party. Artur Davis has moved his residence to newly-christened swing state Virginia, although the recent arrival claims that he will run for office again as a Republican.

What made Bill Clinton a success, what drove economic recovery following a crushing redirect in 1994, was a centrist-minded focus on economic growth and limited engagement in foreign affairs.

The Democratic party has done less to convince future voters that the liberal caucus in Washington wants the best for all Americans, including the now majority class of minority voters.

Former Congressman Artur Davis voted against ObamaCare. He is dismayed by the progressive tax policies, which run contrary to the pro-growth agenda of John F. Kennedy, who for many Democrats turn Republicans was the last good Democratic President.

Welcome to the GOP fold, Mr. Davis. We anticipate great things from you for our country in the next four years, as a stronger Republican Congress with standing Tea Party upstarts demands an end to the waste, debt, and fraud devouring our nation.

Welcome to the GOP, Artur Davis

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