Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Rick "Perry Promises 2.5 Million Jobs in First Iowa TV Ad" -- Reaction


Governor Perry, please avoid such empty parries and thrusts. Mitt Romney is on the ropes, having been unable to raise his polling numbers above the low 20s. But caving in to populist fears of "not having enough" will not be enough to re-persuade an electorate growing wary and weary of your skill to thrill.

The government does not create jobs or wealth. Governments are instituted among men to protect our rights, not to secure our finances or keep us employed.

The government increases bureaucracy, not employment. Beyond the minimal need for an involved diligent citizenry to move the machine of government, but that must be a relatively

We need less government in this country, not more. More government leads to less wealth, less employment, a stagnant economy, and more poverty.

The future chief executive of the United States cannot provide, push, or even promise jobs. He can make sure that government gets out of the way as much as possible, and permits the private sector to do its work following necessary market corrections.

Let no one be dissuaded from the sober truth that the government is not the answer, the quick-fix, or even the provider for everyone is need.

Governor Perry, if you want to maintain a fighting chance of winning the Republican nomination, renounce these hollow promises, and show us the "Fed Up!" governor who demands that Washington play as limited a role as possible in the daily lives of American citizens.

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