Friday, October 28, 2011

"It's Working!" On Wisconsin!

Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker's budget reforms are working.

According to recent reports from the state budget offices, stripping public unions of their collective bargaining rights has enabled cash-strapped school districts and other government agencies to cut costs.

Requiring that public employees contribute more toward their pension and health care benefits packages and limiting school union's power to collectively bargain for wage increases, public institutions have been able to save the Wisconsin taxpayers hundreds of millions of dollars in the first fiscal year since these budget reforms have been enacted.

Despite the left-wing rancor that stirred up a storm in Madison, fueled by public workers who were not working -- with the Democratic caucus in the state senate fleeing to prevent a quorum -- Walker and his Republican caucus pushed through monumental changes in the way state government works.

Part of Walker's genius in pursuing these reforms is that he advocated incremental changes, targeting wage increases, and leaving public safety employees alone. Of course, that does not mean that the state cannot expect more from police and fire in the future, but effective reform must be gradual, and the Governor and statewide officers have effected reform effectively!

Governor Walker, do you think you could pay a visit to the Golden State? We could use some of the leadership and diligence you and your colleagues have displayed in your state.

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