Friday, October 28, 2011

Arab Spring becomes Islamist Occupy the Arab World

People power amassed in massive outrage has taken to the streets of the United States.

Denouncing corporate greed, rising unemployment, no meaningful opportunities, young and old want an end to the amorphous power structures that have undermined their own hand-out, hand-me-down world view. Society should be working for them, they have been taught in liberal-indoctrinated public schools and left-wing universities.

The same People Power blocking the streets of New York and Los Angeles, fueled by flash-mob informants, had initially popped up, burst forth, ten toppled the 24-year Tunisian autocracy of Zine al-Abidine ben Ali.

In a mad sweep of unrest, foundering on a Global Recession turned Arab Depression, Islamic resurgence has blossomed forth to seize power against strong men who had kept the radical elements of their oppressed people in check.

They were also angry, the youth who took to the streets of Tunisia, demanding change for the sake of change, like the hordes of youth in the United States.

The Arab people hoped for something better, something that would meet with their entitled hopes and dreams, as the vast majority of educated youth are also unemployed, stagnant, and frustrated with their limited station in life.

Based on these parallels, the Arab Spring was certainly a nationalist precursor to Occupy Wall Street, mass protests motivated by the growing lack resulting from the world-wide economic downturn.

Now, the Arab Spring has turned into an Islamist-jihadi Occupy the Arab World, a bloody uprising that is not targeting the wealthy 1% of Wall Street, but the 1% ethnic minority of the Jewish state, both its people and their supporters.

An elite cadre of educated, immoral youth seizing the reins of power in the Middle East is enough to dissuade even the most blind of idealistic demonstrators that People Power unleashed breeds a far worse tyranny than the monolithic hegemony of the mythic 1% of corporate raiders on Wall Street.

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