Friday, October 28, 2011

Left-Wing Hysteria: A Product of Mindless Mind-Only World View

The Left treasures the human mind as "the ultimate gizmo," despite the repeated sobering reality in Scripture that the imagination of man is wicked, twisted from birth.

Contrary to the contrarian sophists of the Enlightenment, we cannot enlighten ourselves with our limited, corrupted means, including our minds, clouded with yetzer hara, borne of our first parents insistence on knowing everything from their limited point of view.

Hence, Dennis Prager upbraids the mind-numbing, mindless hysteria of the left, whose core values rest on a foundering foundation: the human mind can appropriate, define, and transform everything.

This "mind-only" world view contributes to the "this should work" mentality that leads left-wing intellectuals and academics to keep on keeping on in the face of certain defeat. The mind, a never-ending storehouse of speculation, can always root out one slight deviation to rationalize previous failures and promote Attempt #13 following twelve previous abortive attempts.

In contrast, the Left's pet theories inevitably justify exaggerated responses, like the cataclysmic risk of nuclear energy, which is not; or the wide-spread deaths due to anorexia, which are not; to the heart-warming rhetoric of ethnic communists for their minority race, which is anything but. Yet ideology blinds many to reality, and the Left is all about ideology transforming the world to what it "should" be, when it is not to be, nor can it ever be.

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