Friday, August 28, 2020

El Segundo Hate: Erin Rene

Here's another example of the left-wing bigotry which has become all too commonplace in El Segundo.

Please do not misunderstand me. El Segundo is a beautiful city with a great deal of wonderful people.

There are just some bad elements in the city.

Not many--just some--and many of them are from out of the area. There is a growing contigent of wealthy, out of touch liberals who are muddying the waters in El Segundo. They are determined to shame and silence anyone and everyone who speaks their mind and refuses to be kowtowed to the left-wing groupthink totalitarianism.

One of the unpleasant elements in the city is ... Erin Rene.

Here is the hateful message that she sent me earlier this month:

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Let me just repost what Erin Rene wrote to me:

"Stay away from the El Segundo for Black Lives events. You're not a resident and you're not welcome, based on your destructive comments and presence. Find another audience - you're wasting your time here."


That's quite hateful.

I would like to remind her and everyone who reads this post that MassResistance activists and allies outnumbered Black Lives Matter, El Segundo on June 27th, 2020 and at our July 25th, 2020 rally in the El Segundo Civic Quad.

We had more black lives present to help us that day. We had more lives of all backgrounds present to speak up for the rule of law, for the police, and against Black Lives Matter.

This kind of hate does not scare me, and this kind of hate does not intimidate me.

El Segundo is better than this, and El Segundo will get over this!

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