Wednesday, August 19, 2020

Hatred in El Segundo: Left-Wing Radicals Take Over El Segundo Parents Network, Harass Residents

The stuff that I am learning about El Segundo is pretty rivetting, if not outright disturbing.

The city is a very small, some would even say sleepy beachside community in Los Angeles County. WIth a population just about 16,000 residents, the city has very little crime, very little drama. Most of the political problems and conflicts have to do with the proper amount of pay for public employees and whether to raise parcel taxes for pensions.

But ... a sinister underbelly is showing itself.

A growing, left-wing hatred has reared its ugly head in this otherwise beautiful, welcoming community. The main source of the rot is the so-called El Segundo Parents Network, which no longer serves the best interests of the parents (or the students) in the city, but is dedicated to pushing their harmful, hateful, destructive left-wing agenda in the city:

But first, let's talk about El Segundo for Black Lives, aka Black Lives Matter, El Segundo:

Black Lives Matter, El Segundo (which bills itself as "El Segundo for Black Lives") has been targeting the city for the last three months. They have been pushing the larger narrative of racism, bigotry, and the trappings of white guilt onto the coastal community. They have mobilized some residents in the city, while also working with activists from outside of the city.

The radical liberalism has even poisoned the school system. I have heard from parents and former students at El Segundo Unified. Students were harrried and bullied into joining certain groups, including a so-called "Gay, Straight Alliance".

Two former students faced so much harassment at El Segundo High School, that they finished their education via homeschooling. It was just awful. How could any city tolerate such a toxic culture against students?

Then it gets worse.

Click here for the Facebook Link

The El Segundo Parents Network, a Facebook group, has been taken over by radical leftists. There is no open discussion on issues. Anyone who is conservative, pro-family, right-leaning, or supports President Trump gets hounded, pounded, and ultimately kicked out of the group.

The Left-wing radicals love to claim that they are all about tolerance, acceptance, diversity, inclusivity, etc. But they are actually some of the most intolerant, unwelcoming people out there. They do not tolerant any deviation from their political, cultural, and spiritual (?) orthodoxy.

And it gets worse.

One of their cohorts, Carrie Watkins-Schat, called the El Segundo police on me because I was exercising my First Amendment right to canvass in the city, going door-to-door to share information about Black Lives Matter, El Segundo.

Here's the "hate speech" that I was sharing with El Segundo residents:

"All Lives Matter" is hate speech?

"Fund the police" is hate speech? Standing up for the well-being of children is hate speech?


Here's all that Carrie Schat (so aptly named) posted on her Facebook profile before blocking me and the general public:

It's really disturbing, since she quoted the anti-Semitic hate group "The Southern Poverty Law Center" as some kind of authority.

Shortly after the abortive attempt to intimidate me by calling the El Segundo police department, the El Segundo Parents Network changed the masthead of their Facebook Group:

One of the (former) members of the Parents Network called out the deliberate bias of the masthead. When he offered that he wanted to post information promoting Judeo-Christian values, he was also met with a torrent of hate.

This is the kind of left-wing vitriol which has become all too common in the city of El Segundo.
And the members of this Facebook group go out of their way to threaten and shame anyone who does not follow their liberal orthodoxy.

One resident shared with at length the amount of abuse that takes place in the city.

Anyone who has a "Blue Lives Matter" flag outside of their home will get a nasty message "Take down that racist flag!"

People are afraid to post or fly Trump flags or signs. One resident told me that anyone who puts out a Trump sign will see their sign get stolen again and again. It's just terrible.

The hateful liberal elements in the El Segundo Parents Network go out of their way to silence, shame, diminish, deplatform anyone who speaks out against the BLM cult in the city.

They tried to target me, but failed.

They target residents a lot, too. They will doxx residents, publishing their personal, private information for the public to see in order to scare them or to intimdiate them. They will call their employers, and make all kinds of hateful, libelous allegations against those El Segundo residents, in order to get them fired from their jobs. If the targeted individuals own their own businesses, they will go online and write all kinds of nasty reviews, so that they lose business.

I spoke with other El Segundo residents, and they share that many of them are so afraid to speak out, precisely because they fear the online harassment and threats which come from the Left-wing coven running the El Segundo Parents Network.

Another of the members, an out lesbian named Eric Rene, went so far as to clamor against the El Segundo City Manager. Why? Because he fulfilled his professional obligation to respond to a question I had submitted about the Diversity and Inclusion commission. The woman abuses her body with the same sex, and then she gets upset because MassResistance exists to take on the lying mores and agenda of the racist Black Lives Matter, El Segundo hate group as well as take on the LGBT in full. Shame on her!

Two weeks ago, a group of Black Lives Matter activists harassed, yelled, and shouted vile things at a lady who was visiting the local Starbucks on Grand Ave! That kind of hatred has no place in El Segundo. None.

I write this post with the express intentions of restoring freedom of speech and well-being for parents and children alike in the city of El Segundo. MassResistance is the international pro-family group that makes the difference, and we stand up to bullies effectively.

We win fights against radical, left-wing, anti-family hate, and we are more than happy to expose to the world the hateful elements in El Segundo who are really creating all the problems.

By the way, here are the moderators for the El Segundo Parents Network:

Their names are:

1. Pam Haupert Sullivan
2. Jigisha Bouverat
3. Casey Mooney (who does not even live in El Segundo!)
4. Robin Smith

It's time to expose the hatred, the folly, the disrespect, the bullying, and the complete disregard for peace and well-being which the El Segundo Parents Network has become.

The harassment of residents, employees, and business owners in the city of El Segundo cannot be tolerated any longer! MassResistance is here to fight back, to make the difference, to stand for truth, and to help mobilize parents, children, students, staffers alike to take back their city!

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