Sunday, August 16, 2020

Carrie Watkins Schat: El Segundo Bigot Supports Hateful "Black Lives Matter", Smears Immigrants, Veterans, Parents

El Segundo is a beautiful city.

Sadly, I have learned that they have some very ugly people.

One of them is Carrie Watkins Schat (aptly named, if I may be so bold).

Facebook Profile Mashead for Carrie Watkins Schat

Here's her profile:

Here's her avatar from Instagram:

She's a bigot. She's a hatemonger, and she apparently has a problem with people who do not look like her.

She supports Black Lives Matter. However, many black lives do not support Black Lives Matter at all. Black Lives Matter is routinely silent when it comes to the black babies which are routinely aborted--no one cares. Black police officers like retired Police Captain David Dorn were murdered by Black Lives Matter militants.

This group does not support black lives. The group works with Antifa, which is another domestic terrorist groups to harass and destroy businesses, as well. Just look at what happened to Minneapolis, Minnesota after the death of George Floyd.

This "Black Lives Matter" group supports domestic terrorist acts against cities, police departments, and individual civilians. They shout racist epithets at others, including black people, especially black law enforcement officers.

Carrie Watkins supports Black Lives Matter, which does not support black lives at all. Carrie Watkins is a bigot. And she lies about people who call out the hatred and destruction perpetrated by Black Lives Matter.

And now, she is targeting MassResistance, a group that was founded 25 years ago to protect children, to fight for parental rights, and to stand up to LGBT militancy, a group that was founded by an Orthodox Jew, Brian Camenker, and which has worked with countless numbers of people from all races and backgrounds.

Members of San Diego MassResistance:
Immigrants, veterans, mothers and fathers, but Carrie Watkins calls them a "hate group" Really.

One of our most active members is an African-American constitutional self-defense consultant named Keith Hardine:

Carrie Watkins Schat thinks that black people make up a hate group, too?
So she really doesn't think that black lives matter at all.

This is the hatemongering which she shared on her Facebook page recently:

And here's the second part of the Facebook post:

It's clear to anyone looking at her Facebook profile and posts that she is a bigoted, white liberal. She is not interested in different points of view. She is only interested in shaming and shutting people down who do not agree with her, or more importantly ... WHO DO NOT LOOK LIKE HER.

Black Lives Matter is a domestic terrorist organization, and a hate group in its own right. This group is made up of mostly white liberals who are more interested in using black people to make themselves appear "woke". They support the destruction of private property. The assault authorities and speak evil of elected officials unless those elected officials kowtow to their every demand.

Carrie Watkins Schat's hate does not stop there. She also attacks a pro-family organization which wants to put a stop to this abusive hate: MassResistance. She probably thinks it's OK for sexually deviant entertainers to be around children. She thinks it's OK to teach children that they can abuse their bodies with the same sex, or that they should undergo life-altering, abusive surgeries in order to "transition". Shameful!

Worst of all, she quotes a hate group from Alabama, and I am not talking about the KKK (although her support for terrorist groups like Black Lives Matter make it seem that she would be right at home with the KKK). This so-called Southern Poverty Law Center has a long history of bigotry, including their hateful remarks against Jews, Jewish groups, Muslims, Christians, and their perverse attempt to shut down charter schools which serve black students. Of course, the SPLC attacks MassResistance, but they also shame the Jewish Defense League, men and women who want to protect themselves from white supremacists!

So much for "black lives matter", eh, Carrie? She has called immigrants, veterans, mothers and fathers who care about their children a "hate group". That is just disgusting, and it is beyond the pale. No one should be tolerating her higotry

Here is Carrie Schat's Facebook page: Carrie Watkins Schat

Here is Carrie Schat's Instagram account: Instagram

She needs to be held accountable for spreading her hate and supporting domestic terrorist groups like Black Lives Matter (which does not care about black lives at all), and then promoting hate groups like the Southern Poverty Law Center. Why does El Segundo tolerate such bigotry within its boundaries?!

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