Saturday, August 22, 2020

Caldwell, New Jersey Bigot Calls Me Boomer, Thinks Defiling Cop Cars is OK

When I tried to join a Facebook group in Caldwell, NJ and , this was the hateful message that I received:

This was really funny! I am not a Boomer (so BOOM!), and if I were homophobic,  I would not be working for MassResistance, which confronts this LGBT agenda without fear. It just goes to show that the El Segundo Parents Network has turned into a political swamp dedicated to pushing their radical liberalism at the expense of truth, justice, and the El Segundo way,

This Perry Kerekes person is really sick, by the way:

Peeing in a cop car: that's the best advice that Kerekes has to offer people in the name of "Civil Disobedience". This is the crap that I was getting from people in Caldwell, NJ. So much for love and tolerance, am I right?

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  1. I’ve contacted my lawyers, you had 24 hours to remove this as you’ve posted my photo and name without my consent. You can expect a cease and desist any day now.