Tuesday, July 30, 2019

Georgette Mosbacher, US Ambassador to Poland, Shames Host Country for Opposing LGBT

The United States State Department is still pushing homosexuality through some of its spokesmen and acolytes.

1.  Mosbacher needs an immediate career shift.

2. Leviticus 18:22 and 20:13 aren't subject to election or polling results, SCOTUS opinion, or Judicial Supremacy mythology. Nor are those verses punctuated with question marks.  (And, btw, "abomination" is really not good.)

3. Leave Poland alone. The world needs some sane, normal people. (Who else will pick up the peices when Divine Justice finally strikes HERE?...)  Ms. Mosbacher would be best advised to turn her attention to local and domestic concerns. We're annihilating too many preborn toddlers per hour in this country to be busy with dispensing such Ageless Wisdom to Poland.

4. Those concerned about the wellbeing of people afflicted with same-gender desires would be better directed to focus their ire on the LGBTNAZIQ+ activist movement, which is adept at consigning the people it purports to advocate for to cemeteries, en masse, via promoting deadly diseases internationally, as Attn. Mauro astutely reminds us; see expose of Amy Contrada, based on CDC statistics, which the federal government ostensibly puts stock in.

5. We don't condemn people for what they are, but for what they choose to DO. Even if someone would, for the sake of theoretical argument, accept the baseless myth that the same gender desire is inborn, nevertheless:

a) the volitional act of sodomy is not;

b) nor is the predilection of sundry degressive child molestation professionals to flaunt their perversions in the faces of children, under the rubric of Drag Queen Story Hours, or public school education;

c) nor is the act of invading bathrooms and showers of the opposite gender, as the term is defined.

6.) Therefore, the afore-abbreviated proSodomy movement, which openly promotes a host of dangerous, patently non-lucid, and arguably evil policies should be treated as what it is: a public health threat, a child targeting criminal enterprise, and an enemy of the People. It consequently should not be honored with flag flying, dignified proclamations, or informing global policy considerations.

7.) Making America Straight Again will advance the MAGA renaissance spectacularly.

8.) On the other hand, selling out US global policy to the LGBT activist agenda will enrage allies, alienate (tens of?) millions of normal folks around the increasingly unstable world, and generously provides free cannon fodder for radical Islamists around the world. We may as well open up ISIS recruitment centers in every US embassy for that money. That way, least we can track the people we're inciting to blow themselves up to fight to Decadent West.

9.) Genuflecting to the needs of LGBT identified people won't be particularly instrumental in getting  LGBT left on board for foreign or domestic policy issues. As per above, if the LGBT Left couldn't care less about killing off millions of LGBT people via AIDS, not to mention promoting child molestation enabling policies (e.g. transgender bathroom bills), then why would they care about a few attacks in Poland on LGBT people they probably can't even raise much money from?

10. Btw, according to the Torah sage known by his work, the Akeidas Yitzchak, Sodom was definitely what people call (misnomer) as homophobic. They sodomized unwanted guests because they knew that the act of Sodomy was most disgraceful, and for that reason chose to perpetrate Sodomy against their undesired visitors. In Sodom, they did NOT practice sodomy as something to be celebrated. They certainly didn't imagine sodomy to be the basis of Marriage. They were evil, not evily insane.  And even they were annihilated, after many years of warnings via earthquakes (which, our Holy Sages exhort us in the Jerusalem Talmud, tractate Berachos 9:2, occur due to four things, one being the sin of sodomy). So what do we have to say for ourselves?

Rabbi Noson Shmuel Leiter,

Executive Director,

Help Rescue Our Children

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